Monday, 20 October 2014

Hyrule Warriors

Yet another Dynasty warriors reskin, yet still surprisingly fun to play.

Why do we; as gamers, keep buying reskins of popular franchises? I mean, it's been done so many times before yet somehow, we still keep buying it. The answer is probably because despite the similar gameplay and nature of such clones, gamers still feel more of an emotional connection to playing characters they recognise. Which is probably the reason why I find Hyrule warriors entertaining. After all, who doesn't want to play Link and wade through dozens of tiny mobs. 

And that's what Hyrule warriors is about. You play as some of the more iconic Legend of Zelda characters and go about fighting off the hordes of darkness as you try to save the land. Except for the parts where you can PLAY as the evil characters and uh...go around wrecking destruction on the land I guess?

So why get Hyrule warriors? I mean, this review may seem a little sparse but in all honesty, this IS Dynasty Warriors just with a different skin. So if you've played one Dynasty Warrior, I think this is pretty similar. Of course, I'm not a huge Dynasty Warrior fan, having stopped since 5 I think. The last DW game I played is actually Gundam Musou, which is a reskin of DW with Gundams instead. You still get to customise your characters, level up your characters, find items and so on. Surprisingly little has changed. 

However, and this is something that was pointed out to me by a friend while trying to go through Heroic Mode together, the graphics for Hyrule Warriors seems somewhat rushed. On closer inspection, I do agree with this point but I'll point out that I hadn't noticed it before because I was focused mostly on killing things on screen. Is this an issue with the Wii U GPU or with the game coding itself? I'm not too sure but other game I've had on Wii U didn't quite look as hunky as this did at times so I'm leaning more towards its this particular games coding. 

Another thing that I have a bit of an issue with is the huge jump in difficulty between Hard and Heroic mode. It jumps up an insane amount. On hard difficulty,when a normal mob hits me, I lose maybe 1-2 hearts. Yet on the same map but on heroic difficulty, when that same normal mob hits me, I lose 5-6 hearts. That's a HUGE difference. Not only does their damage scale up insanely, but so does their life. Even normal mobs take a lot longer to kill now, and that's not mentioning the stupid mini-bosses the game keeps throwing at you. But then again, I'm probably under levelled in a way but playing hard is a bit boring as it's fairly easy. But playing heroic is pretty much suicide. There's no in-between. 

Plus the campaign is pretty short. I managed to finish the game in about two days, and this wasn't even with continuous playing. But with all that said, I probably still would pick this game up because it's just a fun, mindless beat-em-up.