Saturday, 4 October 2014

Lucant vs eHaley

eHaley, how I hate thee....When you're on the opposite side of the table...


Optifex Directive
Optifex Directive
Attunement servitors
Enigma Foundry
Enigma Foundry


Alexia and the Risen
Stormblades with UA and 2 Stormgunners
ATGM with UA

Wow...that's a lot of infantry on the other side of the table. And I don't really have any ways of killing multiple infantry at one go (unless you count buying attacks using focus as one). This may not turn out so well for me. Meanwhile, I'm playing my standard Lucant list and hoping to out-attrition my opponent. We play scenario #4. 

Turn 1
-1 focus to Thorn. Arcane shield goes onto Stormblades. Stormblades run up the left flank, towards the left zone. Forgeguard run up the right flank, towards the right zone. Rhupert gives them tough and fearless. ATGM run up the center. eHaley TKs herself forward through thorn and TKs thorn as well, using the reaction drive to move him up 3". She then walks up. Gorman walks up and pops a smoke next to her. Thorn runs up the center. 
+Okay. I've played eHaley before and I know that if I don't RUN up the center right now, I have a very very high chance of losing on scenario due her to feat turn. So one unit of Reciprocators runs up to the right zone while the other runs up to the left zone. My Obstructors run up the center, but more towards the left zone. Corollary activates and gives free focus to the 2 jacks who then use it to run up towards the right zone. I make sure to space the two of them out so that if Haley timebombs me, she won't catch both of them. Enigma foundries run up the center, so as to make sure I can catch both units in my soul harvesting range. Lucant feats, casts watcher and deceleration and walks up. I'm feating this turn to try and weather attacks as I'm planning to just keep advancing up in shieldwall the next few turns, although this might have been too early a feat as he lacks ranged offensive capability. 

Turn 2
-He upkeeps arcane shield. No focus allocation. The forgeguard run up towards the right zone. Next turn they'll be able to hit me. The stormblades assault my reciprocators and obstructors but due to decel + feat, they have a hard time killing me. They do kill 2 obstructors though. Thorn walks up behind the wall in the center of the map. eHaley activates, deadeyes the ATGM and then TKs one of my Inverters. Then she timebombs it and slows down it and an enigma foundry but no damage due to my feat. She then feats and walks out of killbox. The ATGM activate and tries to critbrutal my obstructors and thunderbolt my jack. Not many crits come up but some do. Otoh, with deceleration + feat up, it's still hard to crack an armor 20 obstructor with crits. Stormblades assault the reciprocators but most of them miss. 
+Well, I'm in his control area during his feat turn...So... Anyway, I upkeep watcher. So my right unit of reciprocators move into shieldwall formation. My right unit moves into shieldwall formation. He makes the mistake of letting the timebombed Enigma Foundry go first and it pops out a few obstructors due to me having placed obstructors near it previously. I knew he was probably going to feat and I didn't want to waste the souls by not having any units nearby to pop my models out onto. My obstructors move into shieldwall formation. The jacks walk up the center. Lucant walks up. This is a fairly simple turn for me and it just involves me moving up and shieldwalling and then waiting for a charge. 

Turn 3
-He doesn't disappoint. Stormblades assault the objective + the reciprocator unit on my left. He kills one Reciprocator as well as the objective. Forgeguard charge my reciprocators on the right and one ends up triggering watcher which I use to move my middle Inverter further up. Most of them are too far to charge successfully though so he runs most of them. They're also too far for Ragmans darkshroud.  Haley activates, timebombs the middle jack again and deadeyes the ATGM. The ATGM perform more thunderbolts and crit-fishing for brutal shots onto the obstructors who are still armor 20. The risen charge into the obstructors but their stats really suck and they don't do much. Overall, this was a fair less painful turn than I thought it would be. I've lost 2 reciprocators on the left and 1 on the right and some obstructors but now I can finally COUNTER-ATTACK. Rhupert gives the dwarves tough. 
+I drop watcher cause I'm going to be doing some purification. I need arcane shield gone so my obstructors have a higher chance of killing the stormblades. My attunement servitors flare some Stormblades. Enigma pops out 2 obstructors; cause that's all that died just now. Other Enigma pops out another Reciprocator for the right flank. Reciprocators on the right order shieldwall and take down some dwarves, most who fail their tough roll. Lucant casts purifaction, takes down the arcane shield and then I decide to cast deceleration instead of watcher. Mostly because I don't think anything is coming within 6" of me. Obstructors shieldwall, move up and kill stormblades and risen. My optifex directive charges some flared stormblades and kill them. Reciprocators shieldwall and kill more stormblades. Lots of stormblades died this turn which means more risen will pop out next turn. My non-timebombed warjack gets 3 focus from the corollary and charges the right objective, killing it and missing Ragman with his last attack. 

Turn 4
-Thorn walks up and tries to beat an obstructor and kills it. eHaley casts another timebomb at my jacks through Thorn, hitting Lucant in the process. She boosts damage on both but only deals minor damage. The risen try to kill obstructors but barely manage to kill any. The stormblades have a better time but there are only 3 of them left. The ATGM shoot my jacks and obstructors and kill some of them. Forgeguard charge my Reciprocators on the right and the Inverter. Surprisingly, they don't down the Inverter and only my right arm is crippled. Gorman walks up and tries to blackoil the Inverter but misses; out of range, and it deviates away.  Risen try to kill obstructors and kill some. But it's really not enough to put a dent in my army at the moment. 
+Lucant walks to the left, casts positive charge on the corollary and deceleration. Reciprocators on the left continue shieldwalling and killing stormblades. I'm ignoring the risen at this point unless they're the only viable target I can reach.Foundry pops out more obstructors. Obstructors kill more risen and stormblades and he's just left with the Stormblade UA. Other foundry pops out another Reciprocator, leaving me with 4 models in my rightmost unit. They shieldwall up and kill dwarves. Corollary walks up, gives 3 focus to the crippled warjack, and because it's within 3", it bumps his mat up to 8. And all I need is 2 to hit the dwarves. I keep buying focus and killing them, although I miss Gorman with my non-crippled arm. Healthier inverter runs up and ties Gorman up in melee. This is not good for my opponent. He's being very very badly out-attritioned. 

Turn 5
-Last turn of the game since time is running and we need to end the game fast. He pops out one more risen. Thorn tries to beat an obstructor over the wall but he fails to hit. Forgeguard kills the crippled Inverter. Gorman walks away and takes a freestrike, which kills him. eHaley tries to spell-sassinate Lucant, which is really weird because I'm sitting at armor 19. He barely does any damage to me, maybe dealing another 3 damage to me. He tries to move eEiryss out of melee engagement with a Reciprocator so he can shoot Lucant. Nope. Freestrike kills her. Derp. Alexia crafts a Thrall, which then charges me to try and kill me. He misses on his attack roll. Anastasia walks up and tries to espionage me, but is just out of range. And the only thing that could have hit Lucant was the thrall anyway, who wouldn't even have a charge bonus. At this point, the game ends as time runs out and I end up rushing elsewhere. 

Thoughts on game
There wasn't really a clear winner in the game but I think if it had gone on for my turn, my opponent would have been in pretty dire straits. He was just being out-attritioned too badly and even though my tactics were simple; shieldwall, move up, he didn't have the ability to crack so much armor or deal with returning reciprocators. Surprisingly, obstructors ended up doing a LOT this game as well. Almost makes me wish I had space for a 2nd unit of them.