Friday, 24 October 2014

Lucant vs pSev

Okay, I would never have said this before this match-up, but 2 judicators with pSev and choir seems pretty legit. In a way. 


Enigma Foundry
Enigma Foundry
Attunement Servitors
Optifex Directives
Optifex Directives


Covenant of Menoth
Errants with UA
Errant Seneschal
Visigoth Rhoven and his minions
Min. Choir

Hmm, how on earth do I kill TWO judicators? I'm not really a huge damage dealing list, being more of a slowly walk up and beat your face in kind of list, so 2 judicators might be a bit of a problem for me. I go 2nd and choose the side without the obstruction because technically that's always been a huge issue for me when my army needs to bunch up to be effective. 

Turn 1
-Errants run up in front and beyond the impassable obstruction that blocks LOS. Rhoven and his group runs up to the right flank. Judicators run. Choir runs. pServ casts Defenders ward on the errants and eye of menoth and then walks forward. 
+I decide to run my units forward. I may take some damage in the process but I definitely want to be in the zone next turn. Plus I can bring my stuff back anyway. So one unit of reciprocators runs left and the other runs right. The obstructors run up the center-left. Corollary pops focus to the warjacks and they run up the center right. Lucant casts deceleration and watcher and walks up behind the warjacks. 

Turn 2
-He upkeeps both spells. His errants walk forward and shoots at my reciprocators and obstructors. But he makes his first mistake here and tries to focus fire on my Reciprocators which at dice minus 5 for errants is still a tough nut to crack on shooting alone. His Judicators walk up and shoot. He forgets to battle so they actually miss. Derp. Second Judicator walks up with battle on and shoots and hits. I'll say this, rat4 and pow 17 are fairly painful. Battle pretty much negates any bonuses I had from deceleration. Rhoven runs into the right zone. pServ camps behind the LOS blocking obstruction. Book says no KD and Rhupert gives the errants tough. 
+Lucant activates, feats, casts deceleration and purification. He then walks backwards, out of range of the Judicator. Foundries pop obstructors back. Obstructors charge the errants and kill some of them but the ones in the zone make their tough roll 4 frigging times. Ugh. Reciprocators charge and kill some of the errants as well but it's not enough. Inverters get focus from corollary, get pathfinder from the Optifex Directive and charges the errants as well. So many tough rolls. Reciprocators on the right side walk into the forest and hide 3" behind it so the judicator has a harder time shooting them. Attunement servitor goes and blocks Rhoven and his bodyguards. 

Turn 3
-His counter attack will be somewhat painful. He upkeeps EoM and gives focus to the Inverters. He casts DW again on the errants and he tries to feat but discovers I'm out of range and takes back his feat. Which makes no sense because you could have just measured in the first place.His errants charge the Inverters and their damage roll spikes a fair bit, rolling 6s and 5s. His left judicator opts for a range attack, trying to flame my obstructors and reciprocators to death. Thankfully deceleration helps me mitigate his chances of hitting. His right judicator tries to hit my inverters and flame them and it hurts pretty badly even with the feat armor. Rhupert gives errants tough and book says no KD. 
+Foundries pop more obstructors back, choosing to leave the Reciprocators at 4 men currently. I need the obstructors for the sheer volley of attacks. Lucant casts purify, finally purifying eye of menoth and defenders ward and then casts deceleration. They charge the Judicator and the errants, who keep making their tough roll for some reason. Reciprocators on the left shieldwall and walk up and 2 of them beat some errants. You can still see the damn sole surviving errant in the zone there, the one that made all his tough rolls. The Inverters finish off the errants next to them. 

Turn 4
-This is where things get real. He allocates focus to both jacks. He casts eye of menoth and feats and then walks behind his judicator. The right judicator shoots the reciprocators/obstructors blocking the left judicators way. The left judicator walks up and kills off one inverter but can't reach the other one because the linear obstruction is blocking him. Hah. 
+Corollary gives focus to Inverter. Inverter walks up. Inverters rolls AMAZINGLY high on damage rolls and wrecks the judicator by itself. Uh...wth? Granted, it had already taken damage but still.... Okay. Since that's done, attunement servitor flares pSev who was hiding behind the wrecked Judicator. It hits. His defense is now...really low. Enigma foundries walk up and spawn obstructors near Sev. They charge up into Sev. Sev dies. 

Thoughts on game
Well....pow 17 blast damage hurts. With choir, it's like my deceleration doesn't even matter at all. Then you add in the +1 from Eye of Menoth. Ouch. Thankfully, my opponent made a mistake first which allowed me to just walk in and pummel his caster to death. 

Also, impassable terrain is damn annoying. I'm not really sure there should ever ever be impassable terrain right in the center of the table.