Monday, 17 November 2014

Big Hero 6

Okay, Big Hero 6 is Disneys annual End of Year family movie and it doesn't disappoint. Warning, spoilers abound in the post. 

Usually I'm a huge critic of most movies but in general, I think I can safely say Disney has been doing pretty well with their EoY family movies for the past few years. Ever since wreck-it-ralph anyway. Quick trivia fact, apparently this was based on a marvel comic book, and I say based because this is really nothing like the comic book. 

Yeah...there's a huge difference. And I'll admit I prefer the redesign for this at least. Big Hero 6 is the story of Hiro Hamada who is an orphan with only his brother as his last blood relative. In the course of the movie, he loses his brother to a fire, finds out the fire was arson and goes on to find the main villain. 

A few things to note, this isn't a deep movie in anyway but it's still pretty well executed. It's more of a comedy than anything else, and surprisingly there are no musical numbers in this (which means it will probably never ever be as popular as Frozen). The cast are quirky and play off each other fairly well and the movie is decently paced. There are very few parts where you will feel bored. 

I did feel there were some parts that could have been improved though. Like Hiro, who doesn't seem to have built any special powers into that suit of his. I mean, the kid designs a super suit for EVERYONE else on his team but meanwhile his own suit doesn't seem to have any super powers? No energy lasers? No rockets? Instead, he needs to rely on Baymax for everything.

Also Disney is getting better at hiding who the main villain of the story is; ALA Frozen, but they're also getting predictable with wanting to twist it around so much that you instantly suspect the least likely person. As a long-time fan of mystery novels, I'm pretty much guilty of doing this most of the time. The ending is very very reminiscent of Iron Giant, which isn't bad because Iron Giant WAS/IS one of my favourite animated films. 

However the complaints are minimal. As I said before, I think this was a pretty good movie. Great even and honestly, this is one of the FEW Disney films I've seen where I think they can easily make a cinema sequel to; instead of their usual direct-to-video deals. In fact, they can probably even make a TV series out of this; if How To Train Your Dragon can do it, Big Hero 6 can as well. They managed to make an interesting setting with interesting characters that can be fleshed out even further and honestly, it deserves to be fleshed out more. So Disney, make it happen.