Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Bradigus vs eHaley

2nd game with Bradigus


Shifting Stones
Shifting Stones
Shifting Stones
Sentry Stones
Sentry Stones


Journeyman Warcaster
ATGM with UA
Tempest Blazers

So...eHaley...with a stormwall. This should be interesting. On one hand I can hide myself in a forest. Otoh, he doesn't have enough victimstat troops for me to really spawn enough forests to hide myself in. I also make a really stupid mistake during this game. I go second and we play Scenario #4. 

Turn 1
-1 focus to each jack. Tempest Blazers run up the right flank, into the forest. Thorn runs up to join them. Stormwall runs up the front. ATGM run up the left flank, onto a hill. Anastasia joins them. Journeyman walks up and casts Arcane shield on Stormwall. Haley walks up and casts deceleration. 
+The standard applies. Woldwatchers walk up and shoot the tempest blazers but they're too far up so I just stoneform and animus. Mannikins walk up and pop forests. Bradigus walks up and casts Synergy. Shifting stones shift to being 1" of the woldwatchers

Turn 2
-1 focus to each jack. He upkeeps Arcane shield. His tempest blazers walk up the right flank and try to shoot me but they can only see my stoneformed woldwatcher. With no choice, he shoots an armor 21 warbeast. He uses brutal shots! It's not terribly effective. The ATGM run forward into the left zone since they can't see anything and shooting me with more pow10s isn't effective. His stormwall also can't see anything and has to run around the left flank. Thorn runs back up to the center. I think he wants to feat this turn but the fact he can't draw clear LOS to me this turn or maybe next is making him think twice about it. He decides not to feat and casts deceleration again.
+Okay, this is where I do something really stupid. I notice Haley is pretty close to me and only camping a few focus. I decide to try and build a synergy chain to get close to her. This involves doing stupid stuff like pushing ATGMs, hitting an objective when it can't be damaged due to linked rules, etc. Either way, I manage to get a full synergy chain going, destroy one objective and then I teleport one woldwatcher up and feat to bring him within 4" of Haley, cast flesh of clay on myself and mystic wards. The woldwatcher activates and is about to walk to smack Haley when I realise I CAN'T MOVE after teleporting. Deeeerp. -_- Needless to say I decide to pull back with my feat but leave the woldwatcher there. So far I'm at one CP due to destroying an objective. Mannikins create more forests. 

Turn 3
-So...I'm fairly close to a stormwall. I'm worried about him trying to reach me but I have two woldwatchers in the way. And some forests. 4 focus to the Stormwall and 1 to Thorn. Haley decides to walk away from the woldwatcher since I've got mystic wards up and he can't cast spells within 5" of me. Unfortunately, he walks right into killbox. Derp. He casts TA on the stormwall and feats. His ATGM walk forward into the forests and shoot my woldwatchers with crit brutal and KD one. His stormwall walks forward...and discovers it's blocked by the ATGM. He decides to shoot at my woldwatcher and the objective since that's all he can see. He kills the objective and gains 1 CP. The tempest blazers shoot my wolds on the other side. 
+I upkeep synergy. Under his feat turn, there's not much I can do but luckily, he's too far to catch most of my wolds in the right zone. He gets me to activate my wolds first who just shoot and stoneform and animus. My guardian walks up and flesh of clays itself. Bradigus walks to a nearby pair of shifting stones because he seriously messed up on his choice of activation. Bradigus also casts flesh of clay on himself. Bradigus gets ported by the stones next, far away from Anastasia. The wolds on the right zone kill off some tempest blazers with synergy offsetting the fact that some of them are full on fury to force. The Woldwarder rifts a tempest Blazer in the face but fails to kill it but kills the guy next to it with blast damage. Derp. I'm at 3CP thanks to him killboxing himself. 

Turn 4
- He allocates 4 focus to Stormwall again. He goes all out to try and assassinate me, using the ATGM to try and knock my wold guardian out of position. He then uses Thorn to charge my Sentry stone but it's just out of reach and a fail charge. However, now Thorn is close enough to try and TK things. eHaley TAs the Stormwall through Thorn, allowing him to move forward 3".She then tries to TK Bradigus but it's just out. Tempest blazers walk up and try to kill a Sentry Stone that's blocking the Stormwall but fail to, with only one being able to see through its stealth.  Stormwall walks up then and tries to shoot Bradigus but he misses several shots due to having no back arc, which was why he was trying to TK me. Flesh of clay also negates quite a bit of his damage when he does hit and I transfer it away. His assassination ends up in a fail-sassination and he concedes the game since he has nothing left in the right zone and I'm going to dominate it for 2CP later. 

Thoughts on game
Apparently me and my opponent both need to play more. We both derped up pretty badly in this game. Still I'm liking the Bradigus tier list. It's a lot like the Lucant list I play, which is just huge amounts of armor and health, but with added forests to block LOS.