Saturday, 8 November 2014

Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut

We return to the world of Shadowrun in Dragonfall, and what a return it is. 

So I played the original Shadowrun in 2013 (link) and found it a fairly decent game if a tad frustrating at times due to a lack of a convenient save feature. However, that's changed in Shadowrun Dragonfall, as well as a lot of other things. 

While the UI and the gameplay remains identical, Dragonfall brings up a whole new campaign to play through as well as a slew of other improvements. This time, the campaign is nowhere near as linear as the original Shadowrun campaign was. The characters in the expansion are a tad more interesting than the original campaign characters as well, so that's always a plus for someone who's more story-driven like me. 

The game is pretty lengthy too for such an indie title, with my own run of the game clocking in at about 30 hours. Which is decent for a 15 SGD game. However, sniper rifles are still broken in the game and it seems like it's much better to take a street samurai, give him cyber-enhancements and a sniper rifle instead of playing any other class. 

Would I recommend this or the original Shadowrun Returns as both are stand-alone games in a sense; just that DF runs off of SRs engine, I think I would probably recommend Dragonfall. Simply because overall, it's a much better story with much better characters. The only thing I would gripe about is how they give you this homebase that you're supposed to protect and help but they don't give you an option to improve it any meaningful way. I guess I was hoping for something like the Stronghold quests in Baldurs Gate II. 

Overall, this was a good game and pretty good value. Definitely something I would buy again if I slip-streamed back in time and had a choice. If Harebrained Schemes could come out with a new expansion like this every year, then yeah, I can see the Shadowrun franchise doing fairly well. I mean, at least I'll be buying them every year.