Friday, 21 November 2014

Defiance Games #3

And this whole sad sorry mess comes tumbling down....

Okay, I've previously covered Defiance Games in my blog (link and link and link). However, I haven't written any new updates since; even when Defiance's facebook page went down, mostly because there was no news about it at all. 

However, all that seems to have changed. Here's a quick recap of what's happened previously for those too lazy to click the links. Defiance ran a Kickstarter, got 40k-ish in funds, didn't produce anything. Was apparently accused by Torn Armor; another kickstarter, of taking the money that TA gave them to produce their minis and not giving anything in return. In reponse to this, there was a lot of drama on DGs facebook page and last I heard with regards to the TA-DG issue is that they're going to settle this in court. Lastly, DGs facebook page went down sometime earlier this year and IIRC, in May or June 2014. 

Since then there has been little to NO status updates on the state of DG. People have been emailing them, people have been msging them on Kickstarter etc but there has been no peep from them at all. Most people on the KS seem to have given up all hope and were talking of contacting their state Attorney General to try and get some justice. 

However, lately there has been some movement on this case with one person posting up a scan of a letter allegedly from the law firm representing DG (here). The main points of the letter are as such

  1. Defiance Games is going into insolvency
  2. They don't have enough money to pay off their debts to every backer
  3. They would like to mediate through the AG of Massachusetts 
  4. Instead of getting the egg-shaped robot minis they pledged for, backers will now get the 3D printer file for the minis they backed for. However, they can not distribute these files to non-backers
That's the bare basics of the offer. Is it a satisfying offer? I doubt it and I'm pretty sure many people would still prefer to receive the miniatures they pledged for instead of getting 3D files which they still have to pay money to print. However, is this the best possible offer available? At the moment it seems so, considering DG is a LLC. Unless someone was willing to dig up more into DGs financial transactions to try and prove a fraudulent misuse of company funds. Of course, there's STILL the ongoing TA-DG settlement that we still haven't heard anything about. 

Hopefully, with this, the backers of the DG Kickstarter will at last be able to get some closure.