Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Bradigus vs eMadrak

So...funny story. My opponent brought out a cygnar army and then promptly switched factions once he found out which caster I was playing. 

Bradigus T4 

Sentry Stones
Sentry Stones
Shifting Stones
Shifting Stones
Shifting Stones

Cygnar Trollbloods
-Pyre troll

Fennblades with UA and Sorceror
Fellcaller Hero
Stonescribe Chronicler
Krielstone bearers with UA
Pyg Burrowers

So this is both a respective first for us. I wanted to test out Bradigus T4 list while he basically got to test out eMadrak for the first time ever. I'm not sure this was a great idea for him. So I end up going first and we're playing Incursion, the 3 flags scenario.

Turn 1
-So his pyg burrowers are at the very edge of his AD line. I'm also at the very edge of my AD line. That's 13+16=29 inches of table space. My wolds can walk up 5 inches and shoot 10, for another 15", meaning it's 44" of space. My feat can cover that last remaining 4". However, do I really want to feat on my first turn just to get rid of pygs? Yeah I did, considering Pygs with Bloodfury on them effectively become POW 14 weaponmasters. My activation was simple. Stones teleport to prepare. Bradigus walks up, feats, casts synergy chooses 5" for the distance. His battlegroup is pushed 5" forward, wolds kill some burrowers and then push back. Mannikins become forests. 
+ With some burrowers dead, he still casts bloodfury on them anyway. Fennblades run down the left flank while the burrowers burrow forward, down the center. His warders run down the right and center flank respectively while Madrak and his battlegroup remain in the center. Krielstones pop their aura. The right flag disappears.  

Turn 2
-I upkeep synergy.There isn't much for me to shoot at now that his pygs are hidden by a burrow marker. I don't want to shoot at his warders because pow 12 vs armor 17 is unlikely to kill them and I really don't want to make them tougher and faster anyway. Instead, I aim for his fennblades, while forgetting they have vengeance. Derp. I do turn several fennblades into forests though. More forests come from the mannikins. 
+So vengeance triggers... Which allows his fennblades to skirt around the edge of the forest I've created and catch sight of my shifting stones. They charge a shifting stone and the sentry stone, kill the shifting stone but is out of reach for the sentry stone. But it just cuts down on the amount of fury control I have with each shifting stone I lose. The warders run again since their LOS is blocked anyway. The pygs pop out, charge and nearly kill off two watchers with their remaining members. Thankfully I managed to thin their numbers a bit with the early feat. EVEN at armor 21, they hurt. He controls the flag for 1CP. 

Turn 3
- Well, the enemy is now definitely very in my face. The warders should be able to reach me next turn if they run, then I have to worry about Madrak feating while in the midst of my wolds. I notice something stupid I can do since his beasts are fairly close to mine. I decide to pop one sentry stone up to Madrak, devour magic and it turns out he, the pyre and the impaler are all within 6" of the stone. Yum. Then my mannikins spray his krielstone bearers. The other sentry stone teleports, devours the krielstone bearers fury and then that mannikin sprays his krielstone bearers too. One of the damaged woldwatchers activates and starts beating some pygs. Thankfully with bloodfury on them, they're easier to hit for my MAT 5 woldwatcher. Once that's done, I stoneform since I'm still surrounded by some pygs. Bradigus walks up and lobs a rock at my stoneformed woldwatcher, hits it, kills more pygs. Using his ROF3 gun this way, I'm able to clear most of the pygs surrounding my 2 wold watchers, as well as NEARLY killing one of them. Woldguardian goes into the fennblades. Woldwarden walks up and rifts the warders but purposely chooses a point beyond his RNG so that I don't damage them. I don't want them to be faster, I want them to be SLOWER. And if he has to use the fellcaller hero on that unit of warders, the unit of warders behind the wall can't charge me. I teleport a wold next to the left flag and it kills some fennblades. The woldwatchers kill all the fennblades and finish off the pygs, creating more forests and I control the flag for one. 
+He cuts for 2 because he's short on fury. His fennblades go into my woldwatchers and shifting stones but don't do too much damage to the ARM21 watchers. The Impaler walks up and kills the sentry stone nearby, the one that's blocking the wardens. The other wardens run up. For some reason, he then FEATS just to kill some shifting stones/watchers that are blocking him from scoring the center flag. He also tries to damage my Warden but considering it's only guy hitting him, I don't take much damage. His pyretroll runs to the left flank. He scores 1CP. He also makes a huge mistake of clustering Madrak very very close to his warders...He sends a lone chronicler to contest my flag. 

Turn 4
-I upkeep synergy. Where possible, I use my surviving 4 woldwatchers to shoot Madrak. Most of them hit but not all damage. In the end, he kills THREE warders this way thanks to Grim Salvation. Thanks Madrak. I try to go for 4 warders this way, using the warden to lob a RIFT into Madrak but fail to hit. Stones teleport in to block lanes and contest zones. Guardian runs in to block charge lanes to Bradigus. Bradigus kills off the chronicler with ROF3 rocks, casts mystic wards and I dominate for 2CP.
+ He finally casts bloodfury. His decimated unit of warders go into my guardian. The Impaler kills off some shifting stones and controls the flag. The other unit of warders go into the Warder but it survives, mostly because he split his warders between it and the guardian. He runs his pyretroll to contest my flag, along with his fellcaller hero. Weirdly enough, he decides to space them out just enough that they're JUST within the 4" bubble for contesting the flag...Okay... He's at 3CP. 

Turn 5
-Watcher runs past Madrak, takes a free strike and contests his flag. Bradigus aims, shoots a few rocks at the two models contesting and knocks both of them away. They were barely TOUCHING the 4" contest bubble and with the beatback of Bradigus's stones, they're now longer within. I dominate for another 2, leaving me at 5CP.

Thoughts on game
Okay...that was an interesting game. First time using Bradigus and I'm going to say I did soooo many things wrong. For one thing, I kept thinking mystic wards purifies enemy upkeeps in general. In fact, I keep thinking that till after my 2nd game with Bradigus. Also, this list in general wasn't a great list against eMadrak I feel. But thankfully my opponent has no idea how to play eMadrak, which was why I managed to eke out a win. 

With regards to Bradigus, he's interesting. Very very interesting. Although I do think the woldwatchers would be boned when it comes to fighting a CoC army considering fertilizer only works on living or undead models and not constructs, and the fact that CoC tends to be yet another brick/attrition army, it would