Tuesday, 2 December 2014

pVlad vs eThagrosh

Had a hankering to play Signs and Portents.


Andrei Malakov
Greylord Outriders
Winterguard with UA
Kovnik Joe
Black Dragon IFP
Ironfang Kovnik


Spell Matyr
Min. Swamp Gobbers bellows crew

Wow...that is a lot of warbeasts. I'm not sure I'm equipped to deal with so many warbeasts since the Winterguard and Outriders won't do much to an armor 18 warbeast. He goes first and we play Scenario #10; Outflank.

Turn 1
-Scytheans split up and one goes right and the other goes left, each heading to different zones. Seraph flies towards the left zone. Raeks also split up and run to different zones. Zuriel runs up to the right zone. eThags activates, casts dragon's blood on Zuriel and walks up. 
+No focus allocation to Drago since he runs for free. 1 focus to the Grolar from Andrei. Vlad1 walks up and casts windwall and Signs and Portents. He has no magical shooting so I feel fairly safe standing out in the open, dry on focus. Widowmakers walk up and try to take a pop shot at the forsaken and shepherd but it's way out of range. Damn. Winterguard gets tough from Joe and bobs and weaves up. In reality, I should have run them up but it's been a while since I've played them so I need to get back into the pattern of playing Khador. IFK gives the IFP shieldmarch order and they walk up and mini-feat. Again, another mistake. They should have run up first. Drago runs up to be within windwall. Grolar runs up to be within Windwall. Andrei runs up to be within windwall. Greylords walk up and winters wind themselves and then move further up the center. 

Turn 2
-He upkeeps dragon's blood. Seraph stands still and shoots my widowmakers with boosted rolls. He only makes 2 strafe shots but both hit. The Raek on the right walks up and kills one of my greylords. The other raek walks up and tries to kill a widowmaker, fails and then kills a greylord outrider. Zuriel walks up and sprays some greylords and misses completely. eThags finally activates, walks up and feats and then goes crazy casting tenacity on everything he can reach, including using a spell matyr to cast tenacity on a scythean he can't reach. It's at this point he realises he hasn't cast Manifest destiny yet and he doesn't have enough fury left from all that tenacity casting. Lol. Scythean on the left walks up and kills a widowmaker. Scythean on the right runs up to shield eThargs. At the end of his feat turn, Zuriel, Seraph and the Scythean on the left all walk backwards, to stay out of range of my army. The raeks come further in; towards me, to jam me. 
+So...Raeks...Ok...3 focus to Grolar. I activate Vlad, cast S&P and windwall again. I want to move towards the zone and dominate it since I'm pretty sure I can clear it out this turn due to him leaving almost nothing there. But I'm too far away. IFK activates, gives shieldmarch order to IFP. The IFP walk over and beat the Raek. I crit on the Raek and knock it down, which saves me so much trouble. Lone surviving widowmaker stands still and kills a shepherd. Greylords walk up and spray. Grolar walks up, kills a raek and still has focus left over. He then buys it to shoot into the KDed Raek and kills it. Holy shit, the Grolar just earned back his points at least. Drago runs and controls the zone for 1CP. Winterguard bob and weave up into the left zone to contest it. Joe gives them tough. 

Turn 3
-Time for his counter-attack. He upkeeps Dragon's blood. eThags casts Manifest destiny and walks down to kill the Greylord blocking the Scythean. Zuriel charges Drago and kills it. I actually MISS on a free strike with one IFP. Wtf. Scythean in the center walks up and kills some IFPs. Seraph slipstreams, walks up and shoots some Winterguard. I actually tough it out. Scythean on the left walks up and kills some winterguard with his animus. 
+Wow...Zuriel is a nasty piece of work at 22 armor. 2 focus to Grolar. Vlad walks up, casts S&P and camps the rest. IFK charges Zuriel...and misses. Even with S&P on. WTF. IFP charge Zuriel, but I roll so badly this turn. They barely even ding him. I do hit the Scythean though. With no choice, Grolar gets redlined from Andrei and I walk up. I actually forgot I could charge for free. Aaargh. Anyway, Grolar makes short work of Zuriel and then he takes 1 damage from Redline. Right in front of a Scythean...Derp. Joe gives the winterguard bears strength and they charge the Scytheans, with 5 of them piling into the one on the left. I down his mind but seriously, I don't do enough damage at minus 7. Again, rolling so badly this turn.  

Turn 4
-The Scythean on the left frenzies. Which is the BEST thing that could have happened since it was surrounded by my winterguard, which would have been free fodder for a chain attack. It kills one winterguard. Forsaken on the left walks up and bombs, killing off several winterguard. Seraph shoots and misses. eThags walks up, casts manifest destiny and kills some winterguard and the last widowmaker. Forsaken walks up and bombs my IFP but bounces off almost everyone, only killing 1 IFP. Scythean walks up and tries to kill my grolar. After a few decent first hits, he starts rolling really crappily. We're talking about stuff like 2,2,1 for manifest destiny and at dice minus 3, he's doing 1 damage to me later on for his last few attacks. Not only do I survive with 7hp, he also DOESN'T down any systems. Wtf. Anyway, he dominates for 2CP. 
+3 focus to Grolar, not upkeeping Redline. Vlad walks up and casts S&P again. Grolar walks up and beats the crap out of the Scythean, killing it and I STILL have one focus left over. I decide to shoot the nearby shredder, and kill it with 2 shots. IFK charges the Forsaken...and misses again. Wth man. IFP shieldwall and kill it. I control for 1. Winterguard get tough and run up to contest the zone. 

Turn 5
-Time for the Grolar to die. Scythean charges and kills it, as well as one IFP. eThags and the Seraph clear the zone, as well as killing Joe. He dominates for another 2CP, leaving him at 4CP. However, he forgets to contest my zone, letting me control it for 1CP , leaving me at 3. 
+Vlad runs into right zone. IFK runs into his zone, contesting it. I dominate for 2CP, bringing me to 5. 

Thoughts on game
Wow, the Grolar was the MVP of that match. He managed to kill 2 raeks, 1 shredder, 1 zuriel and 1 scythean. Granted, some of them were already damaged but still. He more than made his points back. I'm still quite rusty with Khador and I really shouldn't have sacrificed Drago to score 1 CP because having Drago around would make my opponent a lot more cautious. However, Andrei + Grolar seems to work with Vlads S&P because once I can KD them, everything else doesn't matter.