Monday, 29 December 2014

pVlad vs eThagrosh

The Grudge match continues. 



Black Dragon IFP with UA
Iron Fang Kovnik
Winterguard with UA
Kovnik Joe
Drakhun without dismount

-Naga Nightlurker

Gobbo Swampbellows

So this the second iteration of my Vlad list. I've put in a Drakhun for the counter-charge. Also pow 14 weaponmaster doesn't hurt. My opponents taken out a Zuriel to put in a Naga nightlurker so windwall won't save me this time. We play Scenario #3, which is actually a pretty weird scenario. He goes first. 

Turn 1
-His forces run up all the way, with each Scythean and Raek taking a different flank. The Seraph runs up the center, as does the Naga Nightlurker. Gobbo fails an abomination check and hilariously does nothing the first turn. He puts dragon blood onto the left Scythean. 
+1 focus to Grolar. Iron Fang Kovnik gives the IFP the shieldmarch order. They walk up the right in shieldwall. Winterguard get bob and weave and move up the left. Vlad casts windwall and SnP and charges up. Drakhun runs up to take advantage of his bubble of protection. As do the Grolar and Drago and Malakov. Joe gives the Winterguard fearless and tough and runs to join Vlad. Fenris runs all the way up the left flank. 

Turn 2
-He upkeeps Dragon's blood. As usual, his raeks walk up and kill some of my widowmakers. When you have 14" threat range, you're very likely to be able to get the alpha strike. The other Raek tries for my winterguard but there's a handy wall blocking them. Scythean1 goes into my IFP at the front while Scythean 2 goes into the Winterguard. Thankfully, he hasn't cast manifest destiny yet and his dice rolls sucked. He feats to bring his warbeasts back while using the Raeks to try and jam me. As well as killing more winterguard. 
+3 focus to Grolar. Vlad shuffles back a bit because I'm worried about his Scythean's charge range. He also casts SnP and windwall. I'm living dangerously. IFP charge into his Scythean and the rightmost Raek. I kill the Raek but don't manage to damage the Scythean much. I also mini-feat, not that it'll do me much good next to a Scythean. The other winterguard walk up and shoot the left raek to death. I try to lure him out with a Grolar and a Drakhun that's ready to countercharge anything that goes near the Grolar. Fenris runs all the way up the left flank and terrorises a shepherd who then fails his abom check. 

Turn 3
-eThags upkeeps DB. He walks up, kills the Pikemen engaging my Scythean. Shredder charges my Grolar, gets countercharged and pulped. Scythean charges my Grolar. Doesn't kill it but does kill the Drakhun with the chain attack. 2nd Scythean charges the Grolar and finishes it (it only had 4 hp left). Shepherd tries to flee from Fenris and gets cut down brutally from the back. Seraph and Nightlurker combine forces to shoot fenris down from his horse. He dominates for 2CP.
+Well...I don't have a Grolar or Drakhun anymore. But he does have 2 warbeasts near me. 2 of his more beaty warbeasts. 3 focus to Drago. Vlad walks up, dominates his own flag, causing opponent CP to drop by 1. Suviving IFP charge the scytheans. Drago charges the Scythean. I somehow manage to down both Scytheans before having to buy any attacks. They were that badly damaged apparently. Winterguard walk up and shoot the forsaken as well as Thagrosh. I do a fair bit of damage I guess and kill the forsaken. Winterguard and IFP contest the zone currently so he doesn't get anymore CP. Winterguard try to shoot out the two gobbos contesting the zone but fail to.   

Turn 4
-Thags kills quite a few of the Winterguard contesting the zone. The Seraph clears everything else. I'm surprised he doesn't try to charge Drago but I think that's more because that would probably leave him dry on fury and he would be next to a pVlad who has nothing to do but cast blood of kings and go medieval on him. Anyway, he's still trying to win by CP and he dominates for 2. The naga kills off Fenris with another shot. However I dominate to minus his CP by one, leaving at total 2. 
+Well, this is turning into a bloody war of attrition. I can't charge eThags thanks to all the clouds he got from killing my stuff but I can see his Seraph. I give 3 to Drago. Vlad activates and feats and SnPs. Drago charges and kills the Seraph. Surviving winterguard and Joe shoot the Naga Nightlurker, which I need to kill. IFK walks to it and finishes it off; I would charge but that would bring me straight through a cloud of ash. Which might very well just kill me. So I dominate again to bring his total CP down to 1. Widowmakers run up all the way to try and reach his flag. Malakov kills the gobbos. 

Turn 5
-He goes for a risky assassination. He walks up and tries to spray me. He MISSES even on a boosted attack roll. He then tries to hit me with Scourge but he already knows I'm just out of range and it deviates away. He's got nothing left.
+3 focus to Drago. Drago goes in and kills eThags. 

Thoughts on game
Well...Fenris and Drakhun didn't work out so well so they're probably out. I'm amazed my opponent didn't try to take down my jacks with magical ranged attacks. I actually thought that's why he brought the Naga Nightlurker. And this was a pretty brutal slugfest, with all of his army dying and 90% of mine dead. If it wasn't for the stupid rule that dominating the flag minuses CP, he'd probably have handily won this game.