Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Horrible Bosses 2

Hopefully they're not trying to turn Horrible Bosses into the next Hangover franchise. It's funny but I doubt that I would be able to stomach 3 movies.

So what's the plot of horrible bosses 2? Contrary to the name, it's not really about the 3 main characters being screwed over by the new horrible bosses they have. Instead, in this one they're their own bosses, having decided to go into business for themself. So in a sense, I guess they're the 'horrible bosses' of HB2? Anyway, they still manage to get screwed over by Corporate America though, so that's still semi-keeping with the spirit of the original movie. Chris Pine and the bad guy from Green Hornet are the main villains in this movie, playing a pair of unscrupulous billionaire father-and-son duo. The rest of the extras returning from the first movie though? Why are they even IN this movie? It just felt like they could have had a whole new cast other than the main trio and things would still have been better, especially since Jennifer Anistons character really brings nothing to the plot. 

Anyway, I found this movie pretty funny and considering the movie IS a comedy, I'd say it's accomplished it's purpose. Was it great sophisticated humor? No. However, it is still a pretty funny movie. In fact, it really reminded me of Stephen Chow movies; and this is really mostly an Asian chinese reference, with the banter and the comedic gags. Humor is one of those things that is hard to explain but in general, this movie had the appropriate amount of gags in it.

However, one thing that annoyed me was the flanderization of the main characters. In the first one, they at least still had vague personalities. However, in this sequel, they've become caricatures of their original self. Especially Jason Sudeikis; who in the first movie was an upper management level executive so one would assume he at least has some brains and skills in business resource management. However, in this film, he basically turns into a horny moron who basically totally forgets everything just to get distracted by boobs and so on. Same for Charlie Days character, who becomes even more whiny and obnoxious, as well as being the MAIN reason for the trio getting into some really stupid situations. Bateman however still plays the straight man in terms of comedic structure, and's kind of hard to flanderize the straight man. 

Overall, this movie was worth watching in my opinion. It pretty much follows the same routine as Horrible Bosses 1 and if you liked that, you'll probably like this as well.