Monday, 1 December 2014

Warhammer Conquest

Warhammer Conquest is the spiritual successor to Warhammer: Invasion and yet another LCG in the cap of Fantasy Flight Games and to be frank, I'm surprised it took them THIS long to come out with it. 

So what is Conquest? It's a LCG where you play a faction in the warhammer 40k universe. What is a LCG? It's a Living Card Game, where you construct your own decks but instead of having random booster packs like MtG, when you buy a booster/expansion, the cards in it are fixed so you know exactly what you're getting. 

Like 40k, there's an ally wheel in Conquest, so the cards you make don't need to be completely from your faction. Instead, you can also put cards from the adjacent factions in your deck, so for example, for Space Marines, you can include Imperial Guard and Tau in your deck. 

There are also Warlord Characters which you have to take, which represents the Player Character. They also come from your main faction and are 2 sided cards. The first side, which is the one picture above is the one you start with. In it, it lists your health and damage as well as the warlords special ability. Some are more powerful than others. However, when you've accumulated 7 or more damage, you flip the card over and those are the new stats for your warlord character. So in essence, Warlord characters have 2 lifes. 

The game play is fairly simple. You start with a limited amount of resources, and you deploy troops based on those resources. There are several planets that you can deploy the troops to and you win once you've conquered 3 planets with the same symbols on them. Each turn, you will secretly choose a planet for your warlord to go to and then reveal them at the same time. However, you lose the game once your warlord dies so it's not always good to send him into high-combat situations. 

Overall, the gameplay is easy to grasp and fairly enjoyable. One of the gripes I have about this would be the fact that FFG has gone back to its old ways of only putting ONE COPY of really good cards in their starter box, forcing you to buy SEVERAL of the starters just for that card. What makes it more annoying is the fact that each starter box comes with all 6 faction starters so you end up with multiple copies of the same faction, which is useless. Unless you happen to find people to sell them to. However, I was a huge fan of Invasion, so it's very likely I'm going to play this as well.