Monday, 22 December 2014

Rogue Legacy

Otherwise known as the !^(#!&@ platforming game that is insanely @!&)&@!* hard to beat. 

So what is Rogue Legacy? It's an indie platformer game along the vein of Super Mario World. Except with a twist. Your character has his own level and traits. 

You start off as a noob level 1 character and due to the intensity of the game, you get killed shortly after you enter the dungeon that will become your enduring hell. Metaphorically speaking of course. 
When you die, you select your new character from a  pool of three. Each character will have different traits and flaws, with some being more severe than others. For example, some characters will be Giants, which mean they're 2x the size of the normal character. This makes it easier to jump and reach ledges or hit enemies from a certain angle, but it also means you've got a much larger hitbox for enemies to hit too. Other characters will be color blind so that you see everything in shades of the same color. 

You can also get upgrades using the gold that you had before your character died though. These upgrades are usually to increase a certain stat or unlock/upgrade classes. Shortly after your first run, some small shops will open up right outside the dungeon that will sell you upgrades for your equipment and runes. Equipment will give you a small stat boost while runes will give you special abilities that you can use. Either way, it's best to spend as much of your gold as you possibly can because once you go into the dungeon, your gold is automatically taken away from you. Meaning you can't accumulate it. 

Also, your new character will inherit the level of the previous character as well as any bonuses or equipment or upgrades the character had. This allows you to slowly grind your way through the dungeon on a pathway of corpses. And it is literally a pathway of corpses since every previous character brings your new character that much closer to the end of the dungeon. 

Overall, this is a pretty fun platformer although it can be tedious at times with the repetitive grinding. The issue I guess is the fact that the enemies don't really change much even if the layout of the dungeon does. So at times, it's more a matter of grinding to get gold so you can unlock new abilities/classes than it is about advancing to the next stage of the dungeon.  Still, would recommend this game.