Monday, 10 December 2012

Harkevich vs Old Witch

Facing the IFed WGDS ....hurts -_-

Koldun Lord
Winterguard + UA
Kovnik Joe
Aiyana and Holt

Old Witch

Winterguard + UA + Rocketers
Kovnik Joe

Right. The dreaded WGDS with IF. How does it fare against a colossal? 
Ironically, I end up rolling the same scenario as the previous match...#15; Restoration. I go first

Turn 1
-Right, fortune on Conquest and Escort on Harkevich. Conquest moves up, shoots at the widowmakers and kills a few on deviations. Shoots with 1 linked gun and lays down suppressing fire with the other. WG runs.
+He runs his units up. Behemoth tramples up to try and shoot Harkevich. I'm sitting at armor 20 so I pretty much shrug. Not really an assassination vector I had considered but old witch allows Behemoth to see through forests so it's possible. However, he tramples up to get the range so he's shooting at RAT 2 and I'm def 15. He misses both times. It's a really long shot. 

Turn 2
-Right, I move up since his doomreavers are all nicely in 1 straight line for me. I move up with boosted attack rolls and pretty much kill 4 of them with sprays from the winterguard. Now I wait for his retaliation, which will doubtless be painful since I didn't give my winterguard tough -_- Conquest shoots the behemoth but no crits. 
+Behemoth tramples up again to try and take more pot shots. His Winterguard move and spray everything in reach. Lots of winterguard die this turn. Meanwhile, his widowmakers are picking off my mechanics. He feats with the Old Witch.

Turn 3
-Hmm, Behemoth is within 11" of Conquest and out of 14" of Old Witch. Harkevich feats. Conquest charges over to Behemoth; not before taking a pot shot at the widowmakers which misses...., pulps Behemoth. Pulps the doomreaver next to it and then pulps the winterguard nearby. Behemoth is down. Not much can threaten conquest now. Now I just have to worry about Harkevich somehow getting assassinated. I don't think it's possible since Scrapjack is more than 14" away and it has to run through a lot of obstacles to get near Harkevich. Due to the feat, most of my units don't move.
+Right, winterguard spray more winterguard. Old Witch casts Avatar of Slaughter on scrapjack and tries to go to town with it. It doesn't work very well. Final tally for scrapjack? 1 winterguard. His widowmakers move up and continue shooting mechanics.

Turn 4
-Conquest walks over and kills scrapjack. I don't charge since I can't see him anyway. Winterguard spray each other. Mechanics charge the widowmakers now that they're within range. Must...stop...them from...shooting me...
+Old witch tries to gallows Harkevich away from where he's standing, slightly behind Conquest. It wouldn't work very well since I'd hit Conquest if I moved more than 2". He's trying to CRA me with winterguard but I'm at armor 20 thanks to escort. Either way, his gallows fails. Even when he boosts it. -_- He tries again. It still fails. Old Witch is dry. His winterguard run up to block all charge lanes.

Turn 5
-Aiyana walks up, curses the old witch. Holt stays still and shoots. It's flat damage thanks to the curse. Holt single-handedly ends the menace of the old witch before anything else even has to activate.

Thoughts on game
My opponent probably would have been better off IFing the old witch. It would have saved him a lot of trouble since it would have made him near unhittable. Unless conquest slammed something into her. Or threw something into her. Or just walked up to boost attack rolls and hoped for fortune to kick in. But either way, I would have just sat there with Harkevich and Conquest since there wasn't much else on the table that could hurt either of them. 

Again, no scenario win since I couldn't just walk my conquest off to deal with the objective and leave his infantry unattended.