Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Nemo3 vs Strakhov

Just bringing out my Cygnar for a short game. I really need to assemble these guys and get them painted up, instead of proxying so many of them. 

-Caitlin Finch

Journeyman Warcaster Stormguard
Stormsmith Tower
Stormsmith Tower
Stormsmith Caller
Stormsmith Caller
Arlan Strangewayes

-Beast 09

Black Dragon fang pikemen with UA
Aiyana and Holt

Right, I win deployment so I go first. I also place 2 lightning pods as part of my theme force bonus.

Turn 1

-Right, so I go up first. Most things run while Stormwall tramples so he can still place a stormpod.
+He shoots my lightning pod and several of my stormguard. His doomreavers run up. Black Dragon fang feat and run/charge up and feat.

Turn 2
-Right, this is probably the best time to feat with Nemo3. I'm a bit rusty with his tactics but this seems to be the best way to take out the most number of units. I run with my stormguard so they're near the enemies. I feat, shoot a stormguard with Nemo3, hit but roll a 1 for chain. I kill 1 IFP nearby. Stormwall moves up and lays down some covering fire. He lays down his lightning pod and kills Gorman and then he shoots several more IFP with his big gun. Stormsmith towers shoots my stormguards to chain more times but I roll really badly for deviation and fail to kill stuff again. Stormsmith callers also fail to hit anything. This is turning out pretty badly.
+I'm fairly out in the open. This is not good as I realise Strakhov has a huge threat range with overrun on. He gives 4 focus to Beast09 and casts overrun. He feats and then charges a stormguard nearby. He fails to hit it -_- Yes, I'm clear and he has no focus to buy anything else. He tries to take down stormwall but he mispositions his stormguard badly and they block beast 09s charge lane to Stormwall. This allows Stormwall to survive, having taken only 25 damage from his doomreavers and IFP.

Turn 3
-Right, Strakhov is out in the open now and the shoe's on the other foot. I give focus to Stormwall, I charge Strakhov with Nemo3. Since I started in his backarc, I have +2 to hit and surprisingly I do. Strakhov's dry on focus as well so this hurts him a fair bit. I then cast force hammer and knock him down. Arlan charges him and finishes Strakhov off. If that hadn't worked, I would still have 3 focus on Stormwall so that he could shoot Strakhov to death. 

Thoughts on game
Lots of blunders this game, lots of bad rolls on both side. If my opponent had managed to overrun to Nemo3, I would be dead. But he didn't even when he should have. I'm still having issues with overexposing Nemo3 and acting like he's a Khadoran warcaster instead of a squishy Cygnaran one. I may want to swap out a stormsmith caller for reinholdt instead, which would mean I don't get the theme bonus but it would mean I could shoot things 2x with Nemo3.