Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Rise of the Guardians

Right, so I finally watched Rise of the Guardians to check what people were raving about. 

So, Rise of the Guardians is about a group of supernatural beings/legends who were raised/created by the mysterious Man in the moon. Their duty? To protect the children of the world from the incarnation of fear, the bogeyman. How do they do that? By having the children believe in them, which gives them more power, which in return allows them to do more things for the children. 

So Rise of the Guardians is really about the new member of the group; Jack Frost, who has no clue who he is and doesn't really want to be part of the group. Unfortunately, they need him to deal with the bogeyman's return. 

Rise of the Guardians was a fairly interesting movie, but not really one I'd watch again. There were a few funny moments but in general, the plot wasn't really what I want in a film. It's a good film, it just didn't really excite me in any way. Mostly because there are too many mysteries left unanswered as well. Like who is the man in the moon? How many 'guardians' are there? There are obviously more than there are shown in the film because the easter bunny mentions another name when they talk about who the new guardian is going to be and it's not jack frost. So what are those people doing? Are they backups or what?

And wtf are all the guardians western folk legends? Seriously, you'd think the film would be a bit more internationalised in this day and age. 

Overall, I think the film could have been improved. But doing so would have set a decidedly darker tone to the story. Think Terminator 2, where the guardians set off on a suicide last-fight against Pitch, where they entrust Jamie to keep believing in them, telling Jamie that so long as one person believes, they will be back. Mostly because they're conceptual entities of metaphysical things like hope/wonder/etc. Then they go off, fight Pitch; the metaphysical equivalent of humanitys' self destructiveness or despair, win but all die in the process. At which point, the film would cut to a few decades later on where Jamie is telling children the story of Jack Frost, Santa Claus etc and he thinks he sees them in the background. Because you know, they'll always be back to defend people as long as people believe in them.