Saturday, 29 December 2012

50 points Vlad3 vs eSorscha

Well, back to my weekly routine of playing Warmachine on Fridays.


Mortar Crew
Mortar Crew
Yuri the Axe


Winterguard with 3 rocketeers and UA
Kovnik Joe
Nyss hunters
Aiyana and Holt

I win deployment and make him go first. This is for the simple reason that I want him to be within striking or at least deviation range of my mortars on my first turn. We also play a SR scenario; the one with a disappearing objective.
Turn 1
-He casts IF on the Nyss. Most of his units run up. Behemoth tramples and tries to shoot the widowmakers. One dies to a deviation. Kovnik gives the WG tough and fearless
+Widowmakers move and shoot Kovnik Joe who ran up too far and thus only have 12 def. I actually miss one time and he sac pawns the others. Mortar crew begins shelling the Nyss and WG while the manhunters reposition themselves. One brave soul goes up to block the Drakhun and prevent it from charging. I don't give it 3" of movement space so it can't impact either. Guncarriage moves up and lobs shots at the Nyss. I almost kill eEiryss on the first turn due to a deviation but she's left with 1 hp. Vlad moves up but not very far because he doesn't need to go too forward in this instance. He casts Infernal machine on Drago and hand of fate on himself. I sacrifice Fenris and run him forward to engage the Nyss and HOPE they fail a panic test. They don't.

Turn 2
-Right. Let the killing begin. At the end of my turn, the right most objective disappeared; ie. the one near Yuri the axe. Thus it's a good position for him as he can contest both objectives very easily with his infantry swarm. Spriggan moves up and beats Fenris. He misses, hits with shield and buys one more attack. Overall, Fenris is still alive. Drakhun kills the manhunter blocking him. eEiryss disrupts Drago and strips infernal machine off him. The nyss try and kill Fenris and eventually do, by shooting him even though he's in melee combat. With enough shots, Fenris can still die -_- Joe gives the WG boosted attack rolls which I'm surprised at and they move up and kill my widowmakers and one more manhunter. He's now contesting the other objective.
-Right, this is probably the best time for me to feat and I do. First I do the no-brainer activations like shooting with my mortar crews.  I have a cunning plan that may or may not backfire on me as my cunning plans are wont to do. Anyway, I feat, cast dash and Hand of Fate on Uhlans. I do not cast Infernal machine on Drago cause I don't have the focus to spare. I charge a winterguard and kill it and sprint back as a result. Yuri charges towards the Spriggan and 2 Nyss. I thresher and take down 1 Nyss and damage the Spriggan. That's not the issue here, Yuri is frozen as a result of ending within 2" of Sorscha's bonded jack. Just as planned. Gun Carriage charges eEiryss and gets counter-charged by Drakhun; totally forgot about his ability, but I easily survive and paste eEiryss and then I sidestep closer towards the Nyss and shoot them. They're now within range thanks to the sidestep. I manage to kill more of them and force them to take a panic test. Markov then charges Yuri the axe. I impact the Nyss on the way but fail to hit it -_- Def 18 vs mat 8 is still hard to hit. However, that's not how I planned to kill the nyss. I then hit Yuri cause he's frozen, and I use the nuke attached to my warhead to clear out the Nyss nearby. Now there is NO ONE contesting the objective at all. Better yet, since I killed an enemy model, I sprint back so I'm base2base with the objective and I now control it. My Uhlans then go into the Winterguard who do not have IF on and who have no tough OR fearlessness because they got boosted attack rolls last turn. I kill every single one I contact along with quite a few I impact as well. End result, no one to contest the other objective and they have to take a panic test; which they pass. Drago runs so he can counter-charge whoever comes for the points. I now control 2 objectives and gain 2/3 of the points needed to win. 

Turn 3
-Right, he could still turn this around if I missed a step in my previous game. He cyclones up with eSorscha; feats and catches the Uhlans and Drago in his feat area. He then charges my Uhlan and tries to kill it. He fails and doesn't want to buy another attack. Joe gives boosted attack rolls, charges the Uhlan and kills it. The winterguard move up and CRA my Uhlans but fail to kill it. The bad thing about Sorscha's feat is that it STILL needs to break the armor threshold to be able to come into effect. Spriggan charges and kills Markov. Drakhun charges Gun Carriage and leaves it on 2hp. Nyss then charge it. Aiyana and Holt move up to shoot the Uhlans but Aiyana is too far to curse. Behemoth surprisingly got no focus allocated to it and can't run. It's also kneedeep in rough terrain. Instead it moves up and tries to shoot my Uhlans. It fails both times. 
+Right. All I have blocking my path to victory is a Spriggan. And maybe a Nyss. 3 focus to Drago, infernal machine cast on Drago. I cast Dash. Drago charges Spriggan and it is truly EPIC. It's actually hilarious cause I crit 4x in a row with crit amputation. I do make a mistake of boosting when I shouldn't have boosted for the first crit amp and then I roll horribly for it. But anyway, Drago nearly takes down the Spriggan by himself. And then just for kicks, I make Drago blow up because I always like to do that. I roll to see if he blows up and he does. It's at this point, I imagine a berserk Drago throwing away his axes, bear-hugging the spriggan suicide commando style and growling "I'm taking you with me!!" He ALMOSTS kills the Spriggan with his blast. It's just left with 2 hp. Damn, it would have been epic if the Spriggan HAD died in the blast. 1 Uhlan charges the Spriggan while the rest space out. It kills the Spriggan and then the wardog claims the objective. That's the final point I needed to win the game.

Thoughts on game
Go Exploding Drago!
Well, the Guncarriage does work with Vlad3 about as well as I expected it would. I always seem to end up sacrificing Fenris early on in the game as a distraction. Mostly because opponents can't afford to ignore him. I was quite happy with Drago's performance this game although I really made a mistake by leaving him open to disruption but live and learn. I also made a placement mistake in the initial setup. I should have placed Vlad closer to the Guncarriage so I could cast Hand of Fate on it, which I wanted to do in turn 1 but realised that moving to do so would screw up a lot of my other placement. 

I also need to stop forgetting about Drakhun's countercharge ability. Man, I've eaten countercharges from it with Vlad before -_- I need to stop forgetting. At least I remembered my manhunters have stealth this time -_-

My opponent might have done better to IF his WG or not given them boosted attack rolls and tough instead during turn 2. Would probably then have tried to mortar them to death. Or sent Drago into them to blow up....again... -_- As it was, I was more afraid of the Nyss because Aiyana and Holt can give them magical weaponry, which means Windwall is useless against them. And if they can catch sight of Vlad on eSorscha's feat turn....Well, vlad's probably dead then.