Friday, 7 December 2012

Harkevich vs eGaspy Round 2

Right, this was supposed to be out earlier and is actually the 2nd game I played with the eGaspy player with the same list.


Aiyana and Holt

Koldun Lord
Winterguard with UA
Kovnik Joe




Bane Knights

Right, he wins deployment so he goes first. We're playing SR scenarios. 

Turn 1
-He runs everything up
+I run most things up. But I make a mistake and move Conquest up too far.

Turn 2 
-He decides to take a risk. Tartarus runs to Conquest to give him -2 armor. The 2 bane knights that can reach Conquest charge him. Then he decides to kill his own unit of bane knights, feats and brings them back and sends them after Conquest. Conquest dies as a result. 
+Hmm, this isn't looking too good. While it's true that his unit of bane knights are a non-factor now, it still leaves me with a lot of bile thralls to deal with. Anyway, Harkevich decides to run up with full focus on him. I try to stagger my winterguard so that too many of them can't be caught in a purge.

Turn 3
-He runs up and scores a point. Bloodgorgers kill some winterguard but no purging so far. It's just not worth it at the moment. He defends his point and prevents me from scoring. 
+I measure control radius and confirm I'm out of charge range of eGaspy. Or am I? I feat and charge his lone bane knight that's standing in a forest, next to eGaspy. I hit him and beat back. Voila, I'm suddenly within melee of eGaspy. The problem is that eGaspy still has most of his focus on him. I decide not to go for the assasination since I'm not confident of killing him. I prevent him from scoring a point.
Turn 4
-He teleports eGaspy away and then has everything else run up to try and surround eGaspy. He doesn't have confidence of going through my armor during my feat round. He manages to kill a lot of my Winterguard contesting his point. 
+I try to beat eGaspy but fail. He scores a point during this and wins the game.

Thoughts on game
Lots of risky manueveres during this game. From the early feat turn from eGaspy to my charge/beatback. His paid off, mine...not so much. Possibly should have tried to go for the assassination earlier but chances weren't high with eGaspy on near full focus.