Thursday, 3 January 2013

50 point Vlad3 vs Gaspy2

I have a bad feeling about this...


Gun Carriage
Mortar Crew
Mortar Crew


Bane Knights
Bile Thralls
Wrongeye and Snapjaw
Pistol Wraith
Pistol Wraith

Right, I win deployment and I make him go first again. I'm really better off going second because my troops have a much faster speed and threat range and if I go first, my mortars and Gun Carriage will be useless during the first turn. My list also stands a big disadvantage against this simply because I lack the numbers needed to beat through so many high armor infantry. 

-Right, he runs up and casts caustic mist in front of his units. 
+I slowly move up. Infernal Machine goes on Drago and Hand of Fate on the Uhlans. It's not going to be useful on Vlad simply because there aren't that many living models in the opponents army. My units go to flank his side, mostly because I'm also not sure which objective will disappear at the end of my turn 2.

-Right, more running forward. That's pretty much all he can do right now. More caustic mist. He's sacrificing his bile thralls as a feint since he figures they won't do that much here.
+I make a mistake here and allocate Drago too much focus. I was hoping to do the Drago bomb on an off-chance but the opponent had spread his units out too much and too far away. Vlad feats, charges and kills several stuff. Fenris charges in and side steps and almost kills Tartarus after sidestepping by 2 bane knights. Manhunters kills some more bane knights. My goal is to try and kill Tatarus so he can't curse my units. Uhlans charge/run and sprint backwards. I manage to pop ALL the bile thralls with the mortar crews and gun carriage. 

-Snapjaw manages to secure a point on the right side. He can't get the centre point as my units are still too close to it. He kills the guncarriage and Fenris. 
+I manage to take down Tatarus but he still hasn't popped his feat. I manage to shoot a few more bloodgorgers down while Markov charges and goes to contest the point with Snapjaw. 

-Snapjaw kills Markov. He gains yet another point. His bane knights and bloodgorgers manage to kill the manhunters through sheer number of attacks. Helps that there isn't any forest on the table as well.
+I drop Infernal machine and give 3 focus to Drago. This is a desperate plan but it's pretty much my only choice. Drago runs to Snapjaw and blows up. My hope is to kill his warlock so that he goes poof as well. I blow up but don't do enough damage to Wrong eye to kill him. My uhlans go to charge Snapjaw while Vlad braces for a charge.

-Instead of trying for caster kill, he feats and kills my Uhlans, leaving him in possession of the point, giving him the last point he needs to win the game.

Thoughts on game
Hmm, this list is a bit of a bother to beat. It's not really something I would play against with Vlad3 if possible. It's not impossible to beat but it's not the best list to beat an eGaspy list either. I'm thinking along the lines of putting down eSorscha with shatter storm to field against this list.