Saturday, 26 January 2013

SR 2013: eSorscha vs eGaspy

Right, so here I am, testing out both my new eSorscha list and the new SR2013 format. I should have stuck to testing only one thing out.


Assault Kommandos
Winterguard with UA
Kovnik Joe
Winterguard Rifle Corps
Aiyana and Holt


Wrong eye and Snapjaw
Satyxis Raiders with UA
Bile Thralls
Bane Knights

Right, so what my local meta has been talking about is the new 14" killbox for SR2013. It's actually a HUGE impact on how we play games. Also, turns out not every scenario has the killbox. Which we didn't realise at first when playing this game.

Right, he wins deployment so he goes first. We're playing scenario #9.

Turn 1
-He runs everything up. He lays down some caustic mist after his units have moved to try and conceal his satyxis raiders.
+Right, I iron flesh the rifle corps. My plan is to use them as a bait so that his units will possibly get stuck on them which leaves my WG free to move up and spray everyone. To Death. Cause units die when you kill them. Joe gives them boosted attack rolls so they can make use of that delicious 14" range and they lay down some fire on Satyxis Raiders. Even at def 18, I hit and kill a few. Widowmakers lay down some fire on them as well. Conquest aims toward the bloodgorgers and lays down some fire.

Turn 2
-Satyxis Raiders run/charge my assault kommands and Rifle Corps. They kill some but not enough. Bane Knights run up again. There's not much action this turn from his side. The rest run up.
+Widowmakers snipe some bilethralls that are out in the open. Assault Kommandos kill some satyxis Raiders. I swap out IF on the Rifle Corps and replace it with shatterstorm and put IF on the WGDS instead. I then proceed to stand still and shoot his bane knights to death. hitting isn't that much of an issue with standing still but it's still hard to damage them. Those I do damage are removed from the game however. Conquest shoots at the bile thralls and bloodgorgers and kills some. No crits though, not that I needed it. I make a mistake and forget to move Sorscha out of the supposed killbox, allowing my opponent to score 3 points cause he currently controls the zone. 

Turn 3
-Right, Tatarus runs up and kills a lot of assault kommandos, creating more bane knights to replace the ones I killed. Bane knights run up. The remaining satyxis raiders charge/kill some rifle corps. He gets one point by having Snapjaw and Wrong eye control the zone. 
+Joe gives the WGDS boosted attack rolls and I spray the few satyxis raiders remaining. Then the rifle corps moves up and continues to shoot. I manage to RFP Tartarus, which is my goal. Along with quite a few bane knights. This time I remember to move Sorscha up and out of killbox.

Turn 4
-He kills the winterguard that are within the zone and then Gaspy3 moves up to dominate it, allowing him to score 2 points, ending the game.

Thoughts on game
Hmm, even if we didn't mistakenly play with killbox rules when there was no killbox I'm not sure if I was up or down in this case. His satyxis raiders were gone, and his bane knights were almost all RFPed except for 1-2. I had conquest, the WGDS, some rifle corps and the widowmakers left and he had bloodgorgers + Gerlak + wrong eye and snap jaw left.

The shatterstorm on the rifle corps worked about as well as expected. Except that I found it damnably hard to penetrate the arm 16 of the bane knights at times. Assault Kommandos didn't do enough and I'm probably going to swap them out. Shatterstorm with the widowmakers might work as well since they naturally have higher RAT and sniper as well.