Thursday, 31 January 2013

SR 2013 eSorscha vs pIrusk

Right another SR2013 scenario; in fact the same one, and with the same caster to boot.


Aiyana and Holt

Kayazy Assassins with Underboss
Winterguard with UA
Kovnik Joe
Rifle Corps


Great Bears
Kayazy Assassins with Underboss
Black Dragon fang pikemen with UA
Iron Fang pikemen with UA
Saxxon Orrik

Right, same SR scenario #9. He wins deployment and goes first again.

Turn 1
-He runs everything up
+I run most things up as well. Conquest takes a few potshots to try and soften his army but doesn't really work that well. 

Turn 2
-He moves up again and feats. His IFP move up in shieldwall formation. 
+Hmm, I have a bit of a dilemma here. His units are now nearly impossible to kill due to the 4+ tough and no KD. I move and shoot with Conquest, boost to hit an IFP and...miss. WTH. It was 9 to hit on 3d6 which is below average but it still misses. IF goes on the Kayazy. My rifle corps gets boosted attack rolls, stands still and shoots at the IFP that are in range but bounce off most of their armor. Kayazy run to engage his Kayazy. 

Turn 3
-Battlelust + 2 legions of IFP make short work of the Conquest. I may have baited him too soon. Both IFP units feat. However, his units are now frozen and it's up to me to make quick work of them. He gains 1 point.
+Except I don't. Kayazy kill his Kayazy but I have a damnable time clearing out his shieldwalled IFP with pow 10s and so on. Sorscha moves up to take down a few IFP and mostly because we were still under the impression this scenario had killbox. Which it doesn't. He gains another point.

Turn 4
-4 IFP gang up and try to kill Sorscha with a CMA. They...miss. I suddenly don't feel so bad about missing with Conquest earlier on. Anyway, his Kayazy are mostly dead but those that are alive clears out my unit contesting the zone. Then he moves Irusk up to control the zone so now he gets 2 points for dominating it. He casts inhospitable ground.
+Right. Not much of a choice here. I forget that he's got 4 points in total now so I didn't move my units to try and contest the zone. But I do move eSorscha up to try and calculate an assassination vector to pIrusk. It's just out due to the Spriggan blocking my shortest charge lane. Due to that, he wins on pointage. 

Thoughts on game
I realised I could have tried to shoot pIrusk for assassination since I was within 13" of him after cycloning up. 3" of movement due to rough terrain + 10" range. I would have had 4 focus left and would have to boost every single shot to try and hit it but he was mostly dry with 1 focus left. But I forgot that eSorscha's gun is a quadgun and has; potentially, 4 shots in it and not the normal gun most people have. Which really illustrates why I need to play eSorscha more. 

Also, I should have had the Kayazy screen Conquest instead of engaging his Kayazy with my Kayazy. I doubt the IFP would have been able to do much to IFed Kayazy while the WG could still possibly tie up his Kayazy. Would also have prevented my Conquest from being scrapped so early.