Monday, 7 January 2013

eSorscha vs Borka

Spoiler: Turns out Borka is immune to cold -_-


Assault Kommandos with 1 flamethrower
Winterguard Rifle Corps
Winterguard with UA
Kovnik Joe
Aiyana and Holt

-Slag troll

Fellcaller hero
Fennblades with UA
Min. Long Riders
Sons of Bragg

Right, this isn't really the matchup I built this list for, but it's as good a test as any. No point in building a list that's just made to counter only one list. 

Anyway, he wins deployment. And we end up playing killbox.

-Right, everything runs up. He casts Girded on a lot of stuff so that I can't hit it.
+1 focus on Conquest, it moves up. I test range with my sub-guns and I actually manage to roll boxcars. I kill the fennblade I hit easily and then I find out I'm out of range to the next closest one by 0.5". The deviation manages to kill another fennblade. IF goes on the winterguard who then move up and the rifle corps move up and place a 5" AOE template that's only pow 10. AK move up in shieldwall.

- He vengeances his fennblades forward but nothing is in range. He then uses them to charge forward and kill some winterguard, but one of his units ends up too close to Conquest; who's bonded to Sorscha and this means it's frozen now. Meanwhile, his long riders are running up the side to try and flank me. He casts IF on the fennblades. Chronicler gives them concealment
+So far I've lost a few WG to his charge but not enough to matter. I give 1 focus to Conquest; get arcane assist from Sylyss and cast freezing grip on the frozen fennblade. Even with the boosts to his def, he's still frozen and I hit it, freezing the whole unit. Winterguard then go to town on them but I leave a few alive to block charge lanes. AK continue moving up in shieldwall. But I'm too clustered right now.

-Right. His long riders kill some winterguard. His fennblades lose their activation and vengeance due to being stationary. His bomber moves up and kills a lot of winterguard with his aoe4 rof2 bombs. My WG still have tough on them since I didn't need to boost to hit frozen models but I don't make nearly enough tough.
+Right, his units are all clustered together and he has no windwall up. 4 focus on Conquest.  My AK move up and shoot at his unit. I hit the bomber, which pops a 3" aoe on it and then I hit the other units nearby which pops more 3" aoes. As a result, his bomber and Borka are all in a stranglegas AOE. I move Sorscha, feat with her so it catches Borka and the bomber and almost everyone but the long riders. Cast boundless charge on Conquest and then stand back. Conquest charges the bomber because I'm not really sure I have the reach to Borka yet. But I do and I pop the bomber with 1 blow. To be fair, it had already taken 6 points of damage. And I did 15 points to it with the charge attack, which meant 15x2=30. But this also means Borka gets to reave the fury from it, which isn't good. I then hit Borka with 5 attacks, missing 2. I also forget Borka is not immune to cold which means he's not affected by my feat at all...Anyway, I still manage to do enough damage that Borka has only 8 hp left and his impaler is dead from all the transfers. Also, since his slag troll is free of fury, he has only 2 fury next turn unless he cuts himself. Rifle Corps kills some of the sons of bragg and WG spray more fennblades and sons of bragg to death with boosted attack rolls. I wait for Conquest to be beaten to death. I'm not feeling too good about my position as I feel fairly out in the open. 

-Okay, my opponent rolls quite badly this turn. Borka cuts himself for 3 fury, leaving him with 5hp. Horthol and the remaining fennblade kill the WG so that the Long Riders have a shot at charging Sorscha. The remaning Son of Bragg hits Conquest, rolls snake eyes on first attack and hits on the 2nd. Borka beats Conquest as well but casts IF on himself and leaves himself with 1 fury. However, the slag troll is also full on fury; from shooting the WG, so he has no transfer targets. Long Riders charge Sorscha but only one can get into reach due to units blocking the way and the rest run instead. He rolls for impact, kills the rifle corps next to Joe. He then rolls for an attack on Sorscha. It's not going to be pretty and it's probably going to hurt a lot. But then he rolls snake eyes for his attack roll so it doesn't matter.
-4 focus on Conquest. Boost attack roll on Borka. Conquest SMASH!

Thoughts on game
So...Borka is immune to cold... Not really sure how much that would have changed of my game plan, but it would have been very nice if he wasn't. I was worried about the Long Riders charging me at the end, it would have been a long shot but games have ended that way before, although the previous incident was with me playing Markov and my opponent was eSorscha

No clever plans this time. My plan was just to move Conquest up and keep shooting with him until I reached charge distance for one of his heavy warbeasts. If he charged me....Well, I doubt he would be able to kill me in one turn and whatever didn't manage to would be frozen and easy picking for all the ranged units in my team. 

Really need to do more with the rifle corps and the Assault Kommandos. My assault kommandos at least managed to hit with the stranglegas which allowed them plop the AOEs down on a cluster of figures, hitting everyone in it eventually. But my rifle corps died way too early to the Bomber before they could really be effect. I guess it's one of the bad things about being clustered together. On an interesting note, apparently shatterstorm prevents reaving of fury since the model is RFPed.