Friday, 4 January 2013

Les Miserables

Les Miserable can be summed as "Guy stole some bread, shit goes on from there"

Well, partially. I mean, there is the story about redemption, justice, despair and throw in a totally useless love story and some parts about the June revolution in there, and boom, you have Les Miserables.

So Les Miserables is really about a guy; played by Wolverine, who was convicted of stealing bread and sentenced to 20 years hard labor. He then gets off, but has to constantly report for parole and is constantly mistrusted by everyone cause he was a former convict. He meets a kindly priest who turns his life around and then the real singing begins. Sounds a lot like Sister Act, except with Wolverine. Anyway, there are a LOT of time skips in the story. Everytime it seems like he's doing something, it'll skip to '8 years later...'

Overall, the story was decent but the directing was excellent. The vocal chops on some of the cast was amazing; except for you Russell Crowe -_-, although there were parts where their vocals wavered every now and then. I wasn't too fond of the 'love' story between whatshername and whatshisface; you know, the little girl and the jackass rich dude. I would remember their names better if they weren't in french. I really really wished I could have fast forwarded through their scenes since they really brought nothing to the story. Also, I'm not quite convinced on how Wolverine has to part with his adopted daughter because he doesn't want to shame her because he has the sinful history of ....stealing bread in his past. Which was more than 20 years ago. Actually more like 40 by the time all the timeskips were finished. And yet, getting married to a traitor who took part in the recent revolution is somehow less shameful than being adopted by a person who stole bread to feed his starving nephew 40 years ago.

Nonetheless, the direction is very good. Especially for Javert; seriously, why is his the only french name I remember? There are a lot of subtle subtle cues, such as when he accidentally drops the crucifix that Wolverine gave to him; which indicates he's starting to go astray even if its accidentally. Then at the end, he throws his gun into the sewer, which is pretty much an indication of him throwing his beliefs into the shithole. This is the point when you know he's going to commit suicide. And he does, simply because by this time, he's too broken to continue living. And by doing so, it's shown at the end of the film; where everyone is singing in Heaven (presumably) that he's missing from that scene. And why not? He pretty much damned himself. 

So yes, good direction + decent story - horrible love story makes this a decent film to watch. Even if it is 3 hours long.