Friday, 29 March 2013

eCaine vs Terminus

I'm starting to believe my dice are trolling me...


Gun Mages with UA


Bile Thralls

So it's 25 points as usual, mostly because I already had the models out while practicing against others. He was choosing between eGaspy and Terminus while I had the options of eStryker or eCaine and he ended up using Terminus because Caine pretty much screws over eGaspy on feat turn. I win deployment so I go first.

Turn 1
-Gun Mages run up the left flank. Avenger runs up behind them as well. eCaine casts blur on himself and moves up. Minuteman moves up the right flank towards the zone. eEiryss runs all the way up to the right flank forest so that I can shoot his jack later.
+His mechanithralls split up, with one unit running towards the left zone and the other running towards the right zone. Terminus climbs up the hill while being surrounded by lots of sacrificial pawns. Reaper runs down to the right flank and towards eEiryss. 

Turn 2
-I don't upkeep blur. My Avenger moves up and shoots the mechanithrall next to Terminus with boosted attack rolls. My hope is to shoot and KD Terminus as well, then maybe I can try to remove all his focus with eEiryss. I need an 8 to hit on 3 dice and I FAIL to hit. It deviates and kills 3 mechanithralls though. Well, that's one plan gone. Gun Mages move into the left zone and disperse to try and contest it. They continue shooting the mechanithralls in the left zone but one makes its tough 3x in a row. Caine moves up, shoots a few bile thralls and then gatecrashes back. I really want those bilethralls dead. eEiryss shoots the Reaper and disrupts it.
+Terminus runs up to the right objective/zone.The mechanithralls on the right charge the objective and destroy it.He charges my gun mages with his mechanithralls and kills off the UA; which I had mistaken for a normal grunt. I really need to paint them since they look exactly alike. The reaper moves up and tries to beat eEiryss but fails to, thanks to needing 9s to hit without any boosts. He gets 3 points.

Turn 3
-There's a chance to assassinate Terminus this turn and I take it since that's my only chance for victory. If I don't manage to kill him, he can get another 2 points by simply dominating the zone and I don't have enough units to contest it. Especially since bile thralls can just purge away my gun mages. 1 focus goes onto Minuteman and I get an extra focus from Squire. Avenger moves up and shoots the bile thrall next to Terminus. Direct hit and he's KD and several thralls die. The gunmages that are not engaged move up and shoot the nearby mechanithralls but he makes several tough rolls. Minuteman then moves up and jumps thanks to the focus. I make it b2b with 2 mechanithralls and flakfield. This clears off another 3 models. Then I make a risky move and advance eEiryss out of Reapers reach. He misses the freestrike though, phew. I move up to Terminus and hit him. Boom, all focus gone. This is the chance. Reinholdt gives an extra bullet, I move up, shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot. Nope, he's still alive at the end, having sac pwned his shots to a model that made several tough rolls. He's left with only 1 hp though and made his own tough roll >_< Didn't hurt that I basically bounced off his armor 3-4 times or dealt only 1 damage thanks to rolling really horribly.
+He spends 1 focus to stand up. Bile thralls move and two of them purge. The two purges are enough to kill Caine.  

Thoughts on game
I totally forgot to bring Anastasia out during the game. Not really sure she would have helped in any instance and I may want to swap her out for something else that costs 2 points. 

Well, it was a pretty close shot and I took it. The odds were pretty good. Amazingly, the minuteman did pretty well since he was able to jump into the midst of a huge bunch of mechanithralls and kill them and then continue shooting with his 2 guns. Thankfully he clustered all his models so close together that the 4" range wasn't an issue.

Another tactic someone was suggesting was that I use eCaine to shoot the sac pawn models behind Terminus initially to build up the power of my pistols because he's going to end up sac pawning eventually to them anyway. This was a good idea since Terminus was KDed anyway and didn't block LOS. Going to try and do this in the future.