Monday, 18 March 2013

N3mo vs Harkevich

2 Jack Heavy lists against each other in a 25 point scenario. This doesn't sound so good...


Stormsmith caller x 3
Stormsmith Tower x 2
Arlan Strangewayes

-Black Ivan



I've mentioned it before, but I'm rather reluctant to play Nemo3 at a 25 point level because I can't find a way to scale him down effectively. This is doubly true if I want to hit his tier list because tier 3 requires you to have 2 units as well. Anyway, he wins deployment so he goes first but I choose the table edge with cover.

Turn 1
-Fortune goes onto Behemoth, Harkevich casts Escort. Ivan runs up while Behemoth tramples up so he can still shoot. It totally misses though. Fenris runs up. 
+Stormwall gets 2 focus allocated to it, bumped up to 3 thanks to Finch's ability. He moves up the center, shoots Fenris and almost kills it. He lays down a pod next to Fenris. N3mo casts failsafe on Stormwall because I don't think Behemoth and Black Ivan can kill Stormwall in 1 turn and failsafe makes sure I can still allocate focus later on. He then shoots the stormpod next to Fenris, and it bounces to Fenris, and I boost the damage. Arlan moves up to the forest to try and hide so he can hopefully charge one of the Jacks later and disrupt them. 

Turn 2
-Behemoth gets 3 focus allocated to it. He then moves it to cover the left zone and proceeds to kill Arlan and damage Stormwall. Black Ivan moves up to the right zone then shoots stormwall as well. 
+I feat with Nemo3 and proceed to try and severely damage his jacks. Kind of a futile effort with Khador jacks and pow10 lightning but it's worth a try before he feats and they become armor 23. I manage to disrupt both Behemoth and Black Ivan with the storm callers. Stormwall shoots away at Black Ivan although I really should have just concentrated on killing an objective. 

Turn 3
-Mechanics move up to repair Black Ivan of the damage I've caused him. They don't heal nearly enough but they manage to get his arm back up. Between this and broadsides, the rightmost objective is finally killed when Black Ivan charges it after Harkevich's feat. Behemoth also killed my caller contesting the left zone so he scores 2 points this turn. 1 for killing the objective and 1 for the zone. 
+His jacks are sitting at armor 23 the least so there's really jack-all I can do to them unless Stormwall can charge them. But unfortunately, that's not an option right now. If I leave the other zone undefended, he can just kill the objective and then dominate it, leaving him at 3 points. I need to be able to kill the objective, which is most likely with the Stormwall, which means I will have to shoot it since I do not want to be in Behemoth's charge range. I move up the stormwall, shoot the other objective and plant a pod behind Behemoth. Then I use the stormsmith callers to disrupt his two jacks again. As well as some mechanics. One tower runs up and contests the left zone so he won't get 1 point and he'll have to kill both of them with lucky deviations/shots since he's disrupted and can't boost. I force-hammer the Black Ivan out of the zone but thanks to the forest behind it, he stops just SHORT of being out of the zone. I was originally planning to get 3 points this turn but looks like I won't be able to. 

Turn 4
-He tries to assassinate N3mo. While it's true his jacks can't get focus, Black Ivan gets boosted attack rolls anyway due to affinity with Harkevich and he can pump out 2 shots per turn thanks to broadsides. Due to N3mo being a wimpy old man with WOM stats, he's amazingly easy to hit. Behemoth goes first and clears out one of the stormsmith tower models but fails to kill the other one. Harkevich walks up and shoots Finch who's blcking LOS to N3mo for Black Ivan and then he casts Jumpstart so Black Ivan can stand up after being knocked down. Broadsides and he misses N3mo with black Ivan. Behemoth misses the other tower unit again. Black Ivan shoots Nemo but at -3 to damage without a boost, he's not killing me. But now his Harkevich is within range of Stormwall.
+3 focus on Stormwall and I swap out failsafe for Lightning shroud for the +2 dmg. Stormwall then moves up and beat Harkevich. I hit on the first attack after boosting to hit. I need a 9. I roll a piddly 4 for damage but it's still 4+5 so that's good. Then I roll for the 2nd attack and...miss. Hmm, this isn't good. Third attack misses as well. I'm out of focus and I'm a dead man. 
Turn 5
-Behemoth gets 3 focus allocated to subcortex. Shoots N3mo to death.

Thoughts on game
Overall, if I had to play 25 points with N3mo, I would drop the Stormsmith towers and use stormguards if possible. That would mean subbing out Arlan as well because N3mos theme reduces the cost of stormguard by 1. I would still get his T2 benefit, which allows me to deploy lightning pods before the match, which is useful but I'd at least have units that could contest instead of shooting all the time.

If I had managed to get the 3 points I needed during Turn 3, I would have picked up one of his warjacks and just thrown it away from the zone so I could dominate it for another 2 points. He had almost no units left to contest as well since warcasters can't contest and his mechanics were nearly all dead. Or would be after a sweep/chain lightning....

I might also have done better trying to force hammer Harkevich so that he would be KDed at which point I would have moved over to hit him normally and auto hit. Which would probably be my default plan next time.