Sunday, 24 March 2013

eStryker vs eButcher

Those...are a lot of doomreavers...


-Jonas Murdoch
Stormblades with UA and gunners
Journeyman warcaster


Doomreavers with UA
Doomreavers with UA

So he's playing eButcher's tier list and I'm playing a very melee-offensive list as well. Whoever reaches the other party will probably win. I go first and I deploy my troops so that they'll be able to contest both zones easily. 

Turn 1
-1 focus to Hunter. It runs to the nearby forest to hide. Boomhowlers get 4+ tough and run towards the left zone. Stormblades run towards the right zone. Stryker moves up and casts lightning storm to block some lanes. Journeyman warcaster casts Arcane shield on Stryker since it would be pointless to cast it on any of the single wound models.
+His units run up. One unit of doomies; without the UA, runs to the left zone. One runs to the right but also goes into the forest. The third splits itself in the middle so that it ca contest both zones. Juggernaut runs up as does eButcher. Fenris joins the doomies on the left, presumably so he can give them silence.

Turn 2
-Time for some shenanigans to start. It was nice of him to bunch all of his doom reavers together for me I guess. Hunter gets 2 focus and it moves up to beat some doomreavers in the forest since it has pathfinder. Kills one but the other makes his tough roll. Stormblades assault the doomies and clear out most of the doomies on the right side in between the assault shots and the charge attacks.  Stryker moves up and shoots a doomreaver in the face before velocitying backwards. I also feat. Boomhowlers do the same for the enemies on the left side, assaulting them and then killing them with charge attacks. During feat activation, my army moves up and wipes out more of the doomreavers I haven't killed. One of them passes his tough roll 4x in a row but at the end, there are only 2 doomreavers left of the 18 and 2 Greylord escorts and Fenris. 
+It's time for revenge. Greylord moves up and sprays the boomhowlers. Despite singing 4+ tough, I do not make a single tough roll. The other greylord sprays the stormblades and takes down 2. His doomreavers attack the hunter but fail to hit. He then moves Butcher up and feats. Fenris goes through several boomhowlers,including Murdoch. At the end of it though, he only has 5 rage tokens due to activating eButcher after he had already killed a few models. 3 is given to Fenris and 2 to Juggenaut. He activates and tries to kill the objective but fails to. Juggernaut moves back to protect eButcher from a direct charge by Stryker. He also does not control the zone since my remaining boomhowlers aren't fleeing. 9 of them died this turn, and I think I only made 2 tough rolls. On a 4+ no less.

Turn 3
-2 focus on Hunter. Boomhowlers move up and attack fenris. They dismount him and kill him due to him having been damaged before hand. The Journeyman warcaster moves up to shoot the objective. Boost to hit and boost damage and the objective is gone thanks to Fenris's earlier efforts. I kill the Greylords and remaining doomreavers with the stormblades but make sure that I keep them fairly spaced about and do not over commit too many guys to the attack. This is because I don't need eButcher going berserk on me later on. I move Stryker into the right zone to dominate it and then disrupt the Juggernaut. I velocity backwards so I'm still in the zone but I'm far enough from eButcher that he can't reach me. I get 3 points. One for killing an objective and another 2 for dominating.
+eButcher moves up into the zone Stryker is in and shoots a stormblade. He doesn't want to get within range of me either. Juggernaut moves up to block him.

Turn 4
-I run to the other zone with Stryker. Stormblades move to contest the right zone. I end my turn and I get another 2 points for dominating the zone again. That leaves me with a scenarion win.

Thoughts on game
Well, my opponent could have done better to keep his third unit of doomies further behind so that I would only have been able to exterminate 2 units at most with my feat and assault but I most likely would have moved back with feat activation and tried to reorganise so the doomies berserk wouldn't pay off as much

However, by the end of turn 2, he was boned because most of his units couldn't score due to being less than 1/2 their original unit size. He could still contest but the only scoring unit left was Juggs, Fenris and Butcher. And Fenris was fairly easy to get rid of. 

I could definitely have tried to assassinate him. Velocity up 2" and I would have been able to reach him but after the last time I tried to overload assassinate a Butcher...-_- Well, let's just say why risk it when I could just walk to the other zone and win.