Tuesday, 5 March 2013

eCaine vs eHaley

So apparently a stormclad with eHaley's bond on it can potentially threaten up to 18" away....


Gunmages with UA
Black 13


Minimum Swordknights
Stormblades with 3 gunners and UA

The dreaded eHaley. It's still a 25 point list because when I arrived, most of the other people were already playing and there's a 25point SR tournament coming up for the new players as well. My opponent wins deployment and the scenario is #7, outflank.

Turn 1
-He runs everything up, with his stormblades taking the right flank and the swordknights taking the left. The solo goes towards the left zone to try and contest it later.
+I run everything up as well. However, I over extend eCaine too much, mostly because I figured I would try for an assassination run in turn 2. Black 13 go up on a hill to try and contest the right zone later while the ATGM go up the center so they don't have to go through a huge forest to get to the left zone. Lanyssa; having pathfinder, can just go up into the forest though. She's my backup plan to contest the left zone since she's a solo. 

Turn 2
-So turns out a stormclad has 20" threat range. Not that he needs that at the moment. Anyway, eHaley gets a focus from the squire and he gives 4 focus to the stormclad. Sword knights run up to engage the ATGM. Stormsmith caller move up to the left zone. He's planning to try and control it. He tries to disrupt my Avenger; I have no idea why since it's jack marshalled anyway, but it's just out of range. His stormblades charge/assault the sentinel. They're too far away but they get to shoot anyway. The first gunner misses but the 2nd hits, which means all the future shots hit. He takes my sentinel down to 3 health. Then eHaley moves up, feats, TKs the Stormclad forward 2" and casts temporal acceleration on it. It then charges forwards 16" to hit Caine. The only thing that even saves me at this point is the fact I'm camped on focus and he rolled REALLY REALLY horribly. 
+So he's feated. All my units are caught in it and I'm in a very bad position with my warcaster down to 5ish hp. He choose my Avenger to activate first and since I can't shoot with it, I have no choice but to melee a sword knight next to me. Then the ATGM activate and they shoot the stormblades and stormknights. After that is the sentinel who rolls a 4 for it's strafe and shoots. Luckily it's gun is still up. I manage to kill 3 stormblades, missing one. The black 13 activate next. Mage storm kills off most of the other stormblades with the other 2 members wiping off even more of the unit. At the end, there's only 1 stormblade left. eCaine activates next and he feats and shoots the Stormclad in combat with him. I didn't want to risk taking a free strike because that would have left me dead and I couldn't leave the Stormclad alive. I was hoping to kill it and STILL have enough to gatecrash away but when I'm left with 3 focus, it still had cortex and its shield up. While it couldn't charge or trample anymore with its movement down, it still had a pretty large threat range just by walking and TK and its fist could probably kill me as well. So I couldn't leave it either. Ended up spending 1 more focus to kill it and then camped on 2 focus and hoped for the best. Squire and reinholdt activated and ran up to try and block Caine.

Turn 3-eHaley gets another focus from the squire. Squire then moves up and eHaley charges it. She uses timebomb to kill eCaine, boosting to hit and boosting to damage. 

Thoughts on game
Hmm, overextended Caine too much on the first turn. I actually didn't need to do that since the scenario didn't have killbox anyway. Just wasn't expecting the stormclad to have such a large threat range, which is a mistake I won't be making again. 

Was only really worried about his stormblades, which would have a much easier time hitting the ATGM than the swordknights. 

Also, for some reason, during this entire game, I kept thinking Caine's defense was 15 instead of 17. I have no idea why.