Thursday, 7 March 2013

Zombicide: The Components

Well, I've finally gotten it. Zombicide, the game about killing zombies.

It has been a long and arduous struggle to get this game. To recap, I pre-ordered it from a local store in October who said they would get it in November and who basically kept saying next month for 3 months until the end of January where I asked for my money back and then I got it from Amazon in Feb. Cheaper to boot, 80usd with shipping compared to the 100usd my local store was asking for (and this was with their pre-order discount too). So 2 weeks later, I have my copy of zombicide. 

So let's look at the contents of the book. It's fairly neat and well organised, which is always a good impression to have when opening a new game box. Another good thing is how everything is packed neatly into cardboard boxes for you, including all the miniatures. 
Just look how neat this is!

One definite plus point for the game is that unlike a lot of miniature games, the miniatures aren't just dumped into a plastic bag for you to open and then have no way to tidily put back later. Instead, they're placed into plastic formed packets that will neatly hold onto your miniatures for you. 

So no worries about the miniatures there. Even the cards and die are placed into a plastic container that fits them perfectly. I can only wish that other boardgame manufacturers would do this (coughFFGcough). It's amazing that Guillotine games; a newcomer to the boardgame industry realises what players want while old staples like FFG don't.

So even at the end of the session, you can neatly stuff everything back into the box and it'll look neat (yes, this is an issue for me -_-), unlike what my Arkham Horror boardgame box looks like...

At the bottom of all those cardboard boxes however, are the map tiles and the characters you will need to play the game. The game is scenario-based with the survivors trying to escape a horde of zombies before they're overwhelmed. Each survivor has different bonuses although nothing too radical that would truly differentiate one survivor from the other. 

Overall, I would have to say I'm impressed with the packing and component quality of Zombicide so far. Even the box itself is pretty sturdy and good quality.