Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Young Justice S2

Young Justice may be one of the greatest cartoons since JLU and that's saying a lot.

And now that there's a linebreak, I'd just like to say this. Fuck you CN, fuck you so much -_-

Seriously, you cancel Young Justice? WTF are your execs smoking?!?! I wasn't kidding when I said YJ was possibly one of the best DC cartoons since JLU. And this from an entirely new team that wasn't part of building the DCAU. And you...just...cancel...the show...On a cliffhanger no less...

So what can I say about Young Justice? Well, it was plagued by the same delays that plagued season 1, with CN executives suddenly pulling it off the air for months at a time for no reason at all. The episodes were obviously ready since they were going to air the week before but they just got pulled and delayed for months.

I wasn't fond of the huge time skip between S1 and S2, especially since S2 didn't start with the familiar faces we all knew from S1. In fact, it was mostly new faces and followed a very JLU-ish format. However, in time, they managed to develop the new characters just as well as JLU did their own. The old characters returned as well, except for Wally. Poor Wally, he never got enough screentime in S2 and when he did... If you've watched the finale, you know what I'm talking about. If not...well, let's just say Wally is a hero.

I'll say this much about S2, it's overall a lot darker than S1. In between the 5 years, people have died. Teenage heroes have died. They don't really show any of the deaths on screen till the the end, but you can tell from the memorials shown in the cave. It's even one of the reasons why Aqualad supposedly turned traitor and went to work for super villains. 

Overall, I really really liked S2. It brought up a lot of different plot points and managed to weave them together very well. It also featured one of my fave characters; Bart Allen AKA Impulse. I would highly recommend people watch the series and that CN stop getting high and renew it for a damn S3. 

And as a footnote
Run Wally Run