Tuesday, 2 April 2013

eHaley vs pSeverius

So here I am, using the cheese for the first time ever. 


Journeyman Warcaster
Stormblades with UA and gunners
Tempest Blazers
Stormsmith callers
Gobber Tinker


Daughters of Flame
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth
Covenant of Menoth

I go first. I'm testing out the list because I've never used a) eHaley before and b)the Tempest Blazers as well. I kind of want to try both of them out and since eHaley has deadeye, Tempest Blazers go pretty well with her. I'm using a stormclad because his threat range is deadly with eHaley. The Gobber Tinker is really there cause I had 1 point left over. My biggest worry for this match is 'How do I deal with that sheer amount of armor??!?' This is SR scenario #10.

Turn 1
-eHaley casts temporal acceleration on Stormclad and casts TK on it. I don't bother giving focus because there's no point in doing so. She walks up behind the forest and casts deceleration. Squire moves up to join her. Journeyman casts Arcane shield on the tempest blazers and moves up near eHaley. Stormclad activates now and gets a focus from the stormblades being near it and runs up the center right with that focus. Stormblades run up the right as well. Gobber Tinker runs. Tempest Blazers run up the left. My stormsmiths are split among the left, center and right of the table and run up their own edges respectively.
+He gives several focus to the jacks. He casts defenders ward on the daughters and eye of menoth. The daughters of flame run and engage the tempest blazers even though they have gunfighter. The jacks run up in a bunch, with only the repenter moving off to the right side by itself. It's trying to get a good angle on my tempest blazers.

Turn 2
-I get a focus from the Squire. eHaley gives 3 focus to the Stormclad. I walk into the forest, TK the Stormclad forward and cast temporal acceleration on it again. Then I feat for good measure. I catch most of his units except for 2 crusaders at the back. This is probably the best time to feat because I don't want his units to come up to me. Stormblades assault his revenger  but most are too far away to matter. Stormclad gets 1 focus from being near stormblades again and he charges off into the Revenger. I'm really aiming for his redeemer but the two are close enough together that the redeemer is within...reach. My first attack misses on the revenger but then I use all my other attacks on the redeemer and kill it, leaving me with 2 focus to use on the revenger. Both attacks hit and I down some of its systems. Tempest Blazers meanwhile blessed shot some of the daughters to death. Journeyman switches Arcane Shield over to eHaley because she feels naked and vulnerable at the moment. 
+I'm not too sure what the order of activation should be since his Crusaders are out of my control area and they're the only ones that can really wreck my stormclad. His choir chooses to move. His revenger whacks my stormclad but bounces off the armor with a bad roll. His daughters move up to engaged my Tempest blazers again. The repenter gets a lucky shot at a Blazer and kills it. Then the Crusader he loaded up with focus charges my Stormclad and almost kills it, leaving it with 6 hp. However, he then enlivens it with a vassal and my jack dies. pSevy moves up and feats. 

Turn 3
-pSevy checks his control area and turns out I'm out of it. I think my opponent got slightly confused by my control area which is 18" compared to his 16" although technically we both have the same control area on paper. Anyway, it's not an important move at the moment so he takes it back. I take an extra focus from the squire and cast deadeye on the tempest blazers, TK myself out of the forest, cast deadeye on the stormblades and then walk backwards behind the forest again. My stormsmiths try to triangulate stormcall the daughters of the flame and his crusaders. I clear off one daughter and disrupt the crusader on the right side. This is enough to make the daughters make a command check which they fail. This means I can move my tempest blazers around them now. The Gobber runs towards the right side of the map to try and control the zone. My Tempest Blazers run up and with electroleap and dead eye on, bounce quite a few shots into his choir and vassal. Since it's not a direct hit on the vassal, it ignores Vision. Stormblades assault his revenger and kill it, with most of the damage coming from the assault shots.
+Sevy moves up and casts ashes to ashes on the stormblades. He rolls really horribly and only gets 1 indirect hit, which then bounces off my armor. So that was 1 stormblade killed in total. The crusader nearby Sevy decides to run to block LOS to Sevy. The choir follow suit, along with a vassal. The redeemer kills more tempest blazers, killing 2 of them but I pass my morale check. His daughters rally but are stuck where they are. His other crusader was disrupted which means it can really only walk forward really slowly. 

Turn 4
-I get a focus from the Squire. I TK myself forward and cast dead eye on the stormblades and the tempest blazers. I then cast deceleration just in case. My tempest blazers move up and electroleap off the crusader. I don't damage the jack but right now, there are 3 modes clustered next to the crusader. Sevy, 1 choirboy and 1 vassal. I manage to kill the choir, which is the ideal choice really. This opens up LOS to Sevy who I then assault the stormblades into. One direct hit from the gunner means I'm bouncing all possible assault shots into Sevy. Coupled with a charge attack from the ONE stormblade that managed to make it into melee, it ends up with a dead Sevy.  

Thoughts on game
We both didn't really go for the scenario for some reason. Guess we were too engrossed in beating each others army. So far, I'm really liking the tempest blazers. Pathfinder on them is HUGE. I was able to circumvent the rough cover, the shallow water, the forest on the right side of the map thanks to the pathfinder, while my enemies were slowed down by it. Plus they were speed 9 with 5" move afterwards thanks to light cav rules.

I will probably switch out Stormclad for a lancer since I feel the need for an arcnode more than I feel the need for a melee beat stick.