Saturday, 6 April 2013

eHaley vs pSkarre

Bane Knights and Bane Thralls galore.


Stormblades with UA and gunners
Tempest Blazers
Journeyman warcaster


Bane Knights
Bane Thralls with UA
Withershadow Combine
Pistol Wraith
Skarlock thrall

This should be interesting. I've never played against pSkarre before and I'm not too certain what to expect. I've swapped out the stormclad for Thorn since I decided I didn't need the extra killing power. This allowed me to swap eEiryss in, something that proves vital later on.This is SR2013 scenario 5; incursion. He wins deployment and goes first.

Turn 1
-Pistol wraith runs up to the left flag. Bane Thralls run up to the center one while Bane Knights run to the left flag. Skarre moves up normally and the skarlock thrall does ritual sacrifice on a bane thrall to give her extra focus points. 
+I get a focus from squire and give 1 focus to Thorn. It runs up. I then use it to arcnode a spell into the pistol wraith. One boosted damage roll later, it's gone. Dead eye goes onto the Tempest Blazers and I walk up and teleport myself into the forest. Since my opponent's so willing to oblige me, I feat and catch all his units except the skarlock thrall and Tartarus in the feat. Arcane shield goes onto eHaley. The tempest blazers move up the right and wreck the deathripper with brutal shots. With dead eye, it's dead easy. Stormblades run and skirt the forest to head towards the left flag. eEiryss moves up to try and contest the right most flag later on if it's still around. Stormsmiths move up into position. 

Turn 2
-The rightmost flag disappears. Amazingly, it's not the center one. The Withershadow activate first and forfeit their action. They move towards the left. Bane Thralls forfeit action and move up to the left flag. Bane Knights move to the center flag. Tartarus runs up through the forest. pSkarre moves to the cover in the centre and feats. She cuts herself for 5 damage and everyone gets +5str and armor. This is the best way to deny my feat since it's insanely hard for me to beat armor 20-21. Skarlok moves up and performs ritual sacrifice again.
+I upkeep arcane shield. I take 1 focus from the squire. 1 focus goes to Thorn. I telekinesis myself out of the forest, hit the bane knight near the centre flag with TK and tk it away from the flag. Deadeye goes onto the Stormblades. Stormsmith caller moves up and goes base to base with the centre flag. I now control that flag. I also try to stormcall the skarlok thrall but fail to. Thorn charges a bane thrall and kills it. Leftmost stormcaller moves up and tries to stormcall a bane thrall but fails. Stormblades assault the bane thralls. Thanks to deadeye and the +2 damage from the leader, I manage to kill quite a few bane thralls. And when that fails, I hit them really hard with my blades. Tempest blazers move up and try to shoot bane thralls but I forget they're stealthed. I use my light cavalry movement to go to the left flag and go base to base with it to control it. Thankfully they're a small unit so it's easy to get 1/2 of them close to the flag.

Turn 3
-pSkarre gets 10 focus this turn. She decides to run up and try and dominate flags. Bane Knights charge the stormsmith and eEiryss on the right. However, they miss both targets. Bane Thralls have better luck, charging and killing several stormblades. He keeps his bane thrall UA further back, apparently afraid I will kill it and get rid of his tough. The withershadow run towards Thorn since they're too far to charge. Tartarus runs up towards eEiryss; since previously his lane was blocked by all the bane knights. I'm now engaged on 3 sides. 
+Hmm, armor 25 Skarre. This is going to be insanely hard to deal with. Or is it. I take the last focus from Squire. This is going to be either the game-winning turn or I'm going to die horribly. Deadeye goes onto the Tempest blazers and Stormblades. eHaley moves out and TK eEiryss away from Tartarus and one bane knight. I then TK a bane knight away from eEiryss, boosting the attack roll so I hit. eEiryss is now unengaged. Stormsmith callers try to get rid of a bane knight blocking LOS to pSkarre. I could move and shoot her anyway with eEiryss but I want the aiming bonus. I finally succeed and it dies. eEiryss then shoots Skarre and 10 focus is gone. Now she's a much more manageable 15 armor. Tempest Blazers activate first because I don't want to shoot into melee. One of them moves to screen eHaley in case anything strange happens; I forgot bane knights have ghostly though so that was pointless, and then they all shoot pSkarre with brutal damage. With dead eye and brutal damage, pSkarre dies easily. Especially since she's taken 5 damage before hand. 

Thoughts on game
Well, if that didn't work, I was planning to assault her with the stormblades anyway since she was standing right there. 

He was slightly too overconfident with pSkarre, assuming the 25 armor would save him. Unfortunately, he forgot to account for TK and eEiryss. ideally, she should have cast dark guidance beforehand and then moved up but that would have left her much further behind. Which would allow me to later use my tempest blazers to shoot his bane knights to death with either electroleap or brutal, while my stormblades cleared his remaining bane thralls and scored another point. Then next turn I would have tried to dominate the flag for the last 2 points. 

I made a slight mistake with my deployment in the beginning. I really should have placed my stormblades on the other side, where they would have faced off with the bane knights; who weren't stealthed, which means I could possibly assault them and kill them with an average power of 14. However, they would also have had to contend with the copious amounts of rough terrain, which would really have hindered them.