Tuesday, 16 April 2013

eSorscha with Greylord Outriders vs eMadrak

The Greylord stats are out, the models are out and I'm pretty excited to use them. Sadly, I haven't gotten the models yet (shipping from USA can take a while...)but I do have the stats. Which means proxy time.


Kayazy with UA
Greylord Outriders

-Diretroll Mauler

Krielstone bearers
Fennblades with UA
Fellcaller Hero
Stonescribe Chronicler
Pyg burrowers

He wins deployment and goes first. We're playing Scenario 11; Process of Elimination. I didn't take WG with my list because I'm already going to be getting a few sprays thanks to the Greylords and didn't want to have too many. Instead I took the Kayazy because they have the melee power that the Greylords don't. Conquest is my warjack of choice because a colossal with eSorscha's bond is always funny. 

Turn 1
-Madrak casts bloodfury on the fennblades, dumps fury into the Krielstones and moves up the center. His fennblades run all the way up towards the right zone. They're pretty fast, which will prove detrimental to them later. Stonescribe gives them tales of mist which gives them concealment and evens out the -2 def that bloodfury gave them. Warders run behind the fennblades. Krielstones give the aura and run up the center, sticking close to Madrak. Pyg burrowers run up the right, possibly hoping to flank.
+I don't give any focus to Conquest. I don't need it for what I'm planning at the moment. Kayazy run up. I purposely position one so that it's within 11" of Sorscha. Reinholdt gives Sorscha an additional die, drop lowest. As does Sylyss. I charge the Kayazy and suddenly I'm within 10" of the fennblades. I cast freezing grip, roll 4die and drop the 2 lowest and hit. Suddenly, the whole unit is frozen. I also kill my own Kayazy but seems like a small price to pay for locking down the whole unit of fennblades. I cyclone backwards. Conquest moves up and then shoots at the fennblades. I crit without boosting and knock a few backwards. Unfortunately, I only kill one with tough rolls for the others. Greylords run up the left flank. They're preparing to intercept the krielstone guys, though technically if I had put them in the centre, I probably could have cleared out the entire unit of fennblades with the pow12 sprays. 

Turn 2
-Fennblades are stationary so no vengeance. He doesn't upkeep bloodfury on them. His warders run up again, towards the Conquest. Burrowers move towards Sorscha and burrow. Madrak moves up with his brick of krielstone bearers and keeps several fury on him. The mauler stays a bit behind. 
+He's very very close to me right now. I give 1 focus to Conquest because if my plan fails, I need him to be able to shoot and kill the fellcaller hero at least. First, the greylords move up and spray. Thanks to them being immune to cold, I'm able to spray my own greylords to get the optimal spray angle. I clear out the ENTIRE bunch of krielstone bearers and even damage Madrak some. Then they lightcav move backwards. The Kayazy charge, splitting themselves between Madrak and the objective on the right. But 5 Kayazy is enough to do it, now that Madrak doesn't have +2 armor from the krielstones. Madrak is down.

Thoughts on game
Failing that, I was prepared to cast IF on the Kayazy and wait for his warriors to try and hit and kill them. I needed to kill the fellcaller hero because he was the only one with the spray, so I was prepared to boost the attack roll with Conquest on him and kill him.

I didn't feat with eSorscha first because I wanted to IF the Kayazy afterwards otherwise they wouldn't be able to charge. Although I possibly could have done that as well because it would mean eMadrak would have taken staggering amounts of damage but if I failed to kill him, my Kayazy wouldn't be as safe.