Saturday, 20 April 2013

Kara Sloan vs pIrusk

This is going to be tough...

Kara Sloan


Stormblades with UA and gunners
Tempest Blazers
Gobber Tinker
Journeyman Warcaster


Kayazy with UA
Winterguard with UA and Gunners
Kovnik Joe
Great Bears
Saxxon Orrik

My 2nd attempt at Kara Sloan. My first try ended horribly with Kara Sloan being surrounded by hordes of trollbloods. He wins deployment and we're playing scenario #8; Incoming. 

Turn 1
-1 focus point to Spriggan.He casts IF on the WG and Irusk charges up the center. Kayazy run up the right flank. Winterguard run up the left flank and Joe follows behind, giving them tough and fearless. Spriggan runs up with the WG towards the left. Great Bears follow behind, presumably as a 2nd wave.
+1 focus to Hunter, 1 focus to Defender. Reinholdt gives Kara an extra shot. I move up, cast refuge on myself and firegroup and then shoot the Spriggan twice. Followed by the hunter who advances up into the left zone, who also shoots the Spriggan. And then the Defender who moves up the center and shoots the Spriggan as well. Stormblades run up the center line. Tempest Blazers flank to the right. He's still too far for me to shoot so they do nothing.

Turn 2
-He doesn't upkeep IF. Irusk walks up and feats and casts IF on himself. Kovnik Joe gives the WG boosted attack rolls. The winterguard move up towards the left and those who can draw range to the hunter shoot it. It does a fair bit of damage but nothing drops. Then the Kayazy continue running up, spreading out a bit to prevent my tempest blazers from advancing past them into the enemy zone. 
+Okay, he's actually within range of Kara Sloan if she stood still, aimed and fired at him with firegroup on. I upkeep refuge. 1 focus goes to Defender and I keep the rest. Reinholdt is too far from me due to Refuge moving me out of his movement range so no extra shot that way. Sigh. Kara goes first, aims, feats, casts firegroup and fires. I hit, I boost damage and pIrusk is left with only 5 hp. Hot damn, I can do this I think. I trigger my feat hit on the Defender. I try to hit Irusk again. Miss, even with the boosted attack rolls. Okay...that's fine. I just need one more hit to probably finish Irusk off. I don't move back with Kara because I'm just within range of Irusk. Refuge-ing would cause me to go out of range. Hunter activates, aims, misses. Defender activates, aims, misses. What the hell. Stormblades try to assault some of the Kayazy blocking the way so that Tempest Blazers can move past them. Some also assault Irusk but I miss them. I do hit the Kayazy though and clear them. Tempest Blazers move up and try to brutal shot pIrusk. I miss all my shots. WTH again. It's like pIrusk has an AT field that completely deflects all my shots. I've only hit him once this turn with boosted attack rolls for everyone. 

Turn 3
-eIrusk walks up, shoots Kara 2 times, hits with both and boosts the damage. He then battle lust the Kayazy who mini-feat and charge Kara. End result? Dead Kara.

Thoughts on game
Well, it was worth a shot >_>. I did make a few mistakes in the game though. I forgot AP doesn't work against small bases so really, I should have used my hunter to shoot the spriggan. That would still have hit it, which would at least allow me to trigger another shot from Kara and give me the chance to kill Irusk. Also, moved too far away from reinholdt during my refuge phase on turn 1, which meant I only had one shot against Irusk. Probably if I had another shot, I would have killed him since he was down to 5hp. 

Otoh, I'm not really sure how this army can deal with the sheer number of 4+ toughs that Irusks army can dish out. I suppose I could tempest blazers in and HOPE that 50% fail their tough rolls which would mean 5 people would die, which would still leave 20odd models left on the table. Stormblades would try to assault and charge them, which assuming I hit with everything, would mean another 5 people die. 15 models left. And then my units would probably all die next turn. 

My own opinion on Kara Sloan is that she's lacking something. I would say probably lacks a ROF 2 gun but I'd be happy if she had something like Keil Bailoch's ability, where if she stood still, she could fire twice. Because for being her MAIN mode of damage, having ROF1 really sucks.