Saturday, 13 April 2013

Kara Sloan vs eMadrak 35 points

Testing out another new warcaster. This time, it's Kara Sloan, the only warcaster who's a ranged weaponmaster.

Kara Sloan

Tempest Blazers
Stormblades with UA and 3 gunners
Gobber Tinker

-Earthborn diretroll
-Slag troll

Krielstone bearers
Fellcaller champion
Champions with UA

So I'm not too sure how to use Kara Sloan and what kind of list to build with her. I know I want at least a few shooting jacks because how her feat works. I took a hunter for AP and a Defender for sheer firepower.  Tempest Blazers are also one of the units I'm testing out at the moment with almost every list. Stormblades are in to crack armor and also because I can possibly deadeye them to hit with assault. I have 1 point left over which leaves me with...Gobber Tinker. I may end up dropping a gunner for a squire though but again, this is a test list for a new caster I've never used before.

He wins deployment and goes first. We're playing Scenario 9; Into the Breach.

Turn 1
-He moves everything up. His brick, which consists of his krielstones, Janissa, Madrak and the champions goes towards the right of the map. Surefoot goes onto Madrak and the champions and Madrak dumps fury into the Krielstones as well Earthborn follows them. Only the slag troll and fellcaller hero go towards the right. There's a forest seperating most of his army. 
+1 focus to hunter and 1 focus to defender. I move up, cast refuge on myself and firegroup. I then proceed to try and shoot his champion. My hope is to try and snipe out Janissa, who's hiding behind the champions. But sadly, I don't manage to do it. Defender takes another shot at the champions. But they're armor 20 with 8 hp at this point. It's insanely hard to kill them. Hunter shoots Slag troll. Tempest blazers run up and shoot slag troll. Then I mistake the Hunter for the Gobber Tinker and run it up, which is something that may happen when you're using proxies. Stormblades run up to screen. 

Turn 2
-Thanks to my hunter being so far up, his slag troll easily kills it. Champions move forward. Madrak feats and his Earthborn clears out most of my stormblades easily and using overtake, is able to reach my defender all the way in the back and wail on it. It doesn't kill it but it is severely damaged. His hero charges up and kills 2 tempest blazers. 
+ I've lost most of my stormblades plus the hunter and my defender is pretty much dead. This is not good. 3 focus goes onto the Defender. I upkeep refuge. Tempest Blazers shoot at the slagtroll. This is two solid turns of shooting at it with brutal shots and so far, I've only managed to do...4 damage in total. This is horrible. My 3 remaining stormblades charge the earthborn but do not manage to kill it. Actually, I do more damage assaulting it than I do on the charge, which is sad. But funny at the same time. Defender finishes it. Kara Sloan gets a shot from reinholdt and snipes down the hero. No points being scored thanks to the fact that my units haven't broken and are still contesting the area.

Turn 3
-Champions finish of the stormblades and defender. Janissa uses her tectonic shift ability on the tempest blazers and moves them into range of Madrak, who then charges them. He kills more of them. 
+Tempest Blazers move up and shoot the Krielstone bearers. With eleap on, I kill a few of them but it's too few, too late. Kara Sloan kills off the slagtroll and tries to assassinate Madrak now that he has no transfers. I damage him severely but fail to assassinate him. Still no points being scored thanks to gobber tinker and journeyman warcaster contesting the zone 

Turn 4
-Madrak goes and runs behind the forest. The rest of his units then run up and block movement and LOS to him. They clear out the journeyman warcaster and gobber tinker as well. With only Kara Sloan and reinholdt left, I concede.

Thoughts on game
With only 2 units left, there wasn't any way I could win the game. Even with assassination. He would have gotten 2 points this turn thanks to domination and then another 2 points during his next turn, while running around the forest to keep away from me. That would have netted him the win easily while giving me another 2 rounds of just shooting. 

Quite a few mistakes made here. I should have gone for his krielstones early on. With the tempest blazers, it would have been easy since they're only armor 15 even with the krielstone on. One e-leap and I would have taken them out and suddenly everything would have been much easier. Also, I should have taken out the heavies instead of trying to snipe Janissa. Unexpectedly losing the hunter in turn 2 hurt a lot too. 

Overall, it's a bit hard to use Kara Sloan. She has deadeye as a spell but unfortunately, thanks to refuge, I always move away from the enemies and by extension my stormblades since I'm always charging them towards the enemies. This means most of the time I'm not even close enough to them to cast dead eye.