Thursday, 25 April 2013

pCaine vs pSeverius

Decided to play the friendlier of the 2 Caines. 


Journeyman Warcaster Rangers
Stormblades with UA and Gunner
Tempest Blazers
Alain Runewood


Temple flameguard
Aiyana and Holt
Rhupert Carvolo

List building time. As you can see, Tempest Blazers are in. Again. I'm going to try taking Rangers since most people seem really positive about them. Runewood is there for support. Reinholdt is there to give pCaine an extra shot if he needs it. A Lancer is just enough to take up all of pCaine's warjack points so that's that. I'd take a hunter but I prefer the utility of an arcnode. 
We play SR Scenario #3; Close Quarters.

Turn 1
-Nicia runs all the way up the front. Severius moves right and hides behind the impassable terrain that also blocks LOS. He also casts defenders ward on the Flameguard and Eye of Menoth. Vanquisher and Reckoner run and camp in front of Severius. Temple Flameguard run up to the left, towards their own flag. Aiyana and Holt hug the left side of the map, hiding behind the cover. 
+1 focus to the Lancer. Caine casts snipe and deadeye on the Blazers and they move up to try and take a shot at Nicia. They're just out of range and I use the rest to shoot at the Vanquisher instead. That being done, I light cav move backwards to my right, trying to hug the wall where possible. Stormblades move up the center while Rangers run up to the enemy objective. 

Turn 2
-Nicia charges and kills 2 of my tempest Blazers. She sprints so that she can engaged 2 of my other tempest blazers. Reckoner moves up to shoot and misses. Vanquisher tries to shoot a blazer and misses. Flameguard minifeat and charge my rangers but only one is in range. I pass my terror check and one ranger dies to them. Aiyana and Holt move and stealth and try to shoot the rangers.
+I don't upkeep snipe. I get an extra focus from the squire. Tempest Blazers try to kill Nicia but can not seem to hit her. They're being stymied by a single solo. 3 focus goes to the Lancer. I feat with pCaine and try to shoot the Flameguards. Unsurprisingly, armor 19 is pretty hard for me to break and I only kill 4-5 I think, including some choir and vassal of Menoths. I deadeye the stormblades and then teleport backwards. Lancer then walks up and beats the crap out of the Vanquisher with his lance. Stormblades assault the Templeguard with deadeye on. It's easier to hit them with assault than it is to melee them, thanks to deadeye. A few more flameguard die. 

Turn 3
-Vanquisher moves away and takes a free strike from my Lancer. I roll godly and I think my roll was something like 6,6,5. Suddenly the vanquisher is down 1 arm. His shooting arm. He still shoots and sets my stormblades on fire though. Reckoner charges and hits my lancer 2x as well as kills the tempest Blazer next to him. He takes 2 damage to his cortex thanks to that and my Lancer is still up. He then charges my lancer and stormblades with the flameguard but misses the lancer. Stormblades die in droves though thanks to def 12. Nicia tries to kill the remaining tempest blazers but misses on the second attack. Holt shoots more Rangers while Aiyana casts stealth on them. 
+I'm down quite a lot of units. I make my fire check for the stormblades but don't pass most of them. However, thanks to Arcane Shield on them, it means I have a better than average chance of surviving fire and most of them do. 3 focus goes onto the Lancer. Deadeye goes onto the stormblades and they then charge the flameguards with assault on. Heavy casualties occur. lancer walks up and hits the Reckoner with its shield, destroying all its cortex boxes. It then wails on the Vanquisher, leaving it with 3 hp. Arcane shield is swapped to Caine now. The remaining tempest blazer tries to kill Nicia again but can't.

Turn 4
-Remaining Flameguards charge and finish off the Lancer. Reckoner tries to shoot Caine but misses. The Vanquisher deviates but hits, which means I'm on fire. Severius finally comes out of hiding behind the terrain but has to run up to get within range to feat so he doesn't. 
+Stormblades finally succumb to the fire. I manage to make my firecheck with Caine. I'm left with pCaine and 1 ranger. pCaine kills the Vanquisher by himself and then thunderstrikes the Reckoner 6" away. Thanks to it having no cortex boxes, it can not spend a focus to shake it off next time. But I'm also left dry on focus. 

Turn 5
-pSeverius moves up to try and assassinate Caine. Several immolations later; with boosted attack and damage rolls, I'm left with 3 hp. He feats. Reckoner chooses to stand up. 
+If I can survive my fire roll, it's possible I may be able to assassinate eSeverius thanks to Squire and Reinholdt, since the old guy's dry on focus as well. However, it's not to be and and I fail my fire check, which then promptly kills me.

Thoughts on game
Hmm, I made a lot of crucial mistakes this game. I've got to admit, Nicia is probably my opponents MVP. Just a 2 or 3 point solo managed to tie up and almost kill an entire unit of Tempest Blazers by herself. I really should have just run my Lancer up to her and then thunderstriked her in the face on the first turn. Or just bounced electroleaps off the Lancer who's armor 18 and would have shrugged most of it off. Ah well, lesson learnt.

Also, not too happy with Rangers. It's a decent utility unit but a bit situational at times, especially since I already have dead eye. Alain Runewood also didn't bring much to my game I felt, which means I would rather switch him out for a more interesting unit. 

Overall, felt I really wasted my feat turn but the temple flameguard were pretty tough to take out. Makes me wish Cygnar had some way of removing spell upkeeps. Other than eEiryss.