Friday, 23 August 2013

Butcher3 vs Kromac

I've been itching to test him out and I finally do.


Ironfang pikemen with Black Dragon attachments
Kayazy assassins with UA
Madelyn Corbeau
Ironfang kovnik
Koldun Lord


Gallows Grove
Swamp Gobbers
Shifting Stones with UA
Shifting Stones
Druid gone Wilder

So I'm back to using Khador for the moment because of Butcher3. Just wanted to test him out. The list seems to be fairly standard, all melee heavy hitting troops thanks to Silence of Death. The Kovnik is in because crap, I need something better than CMD 7 to lead my troops in case anything goes wrong. Also, he's pretty damn useful as it turns out. Madelyn Corbeau is in for intrigue, which just extends Butcher's threat range. The Behemoth is in because I realised I have NO shooting at all, which generally isn't good and I need some long range support. Also, he's Big B. He's awesome. Anyway, I choose to go 2nd and we end up playing Scenario #6. 

My IFP are poised to contest his zone while my Kayazy will contest mine. Butcher and his battlegroup deploy somewhere in the center.

Turn 1
-Wild Aggression goes onto the Stalker, Inviolable Resolve onto Ghetorix and Kromac casts warpath. He plays very cautiously, choosing not to run any of his units but merely positioning them so that next turn, they're able to move into the zone normally. Woldstalkers headtoward my zone while the warbeasts head up the centre.
+Behemoth gets 3 focus to sub and 1 to main cortex. He tramples up to try and shoot the Gorax but misses cause it's too far. Kayazy Assassins spread out and run into my zone. Kovnik moves up and gives the IFP the +2 movement, which is HUGE.Silence of Death is cast on the IFP while Butcher and the Argus position themselves near my zone. Ideally I want to dominate my own zone. The IFP move up in shieldwall formation. Madelyn goes to stand next to Kovnik, her best friend.  

Turn 2
-The gallows grove moves up cautiously. He arcs Rift through it to my kayazy, it misses and drifts backwards. But he's created rough terrain that I can't get through. His woldstalkers move up and hide behind the rough terrain, knowing my Kayazy can't get to them. A shifting stone goes into his own zone, as does the Druid Wilder. Gorax runs up to behind the woldstalkers, towards my zone. Most of his battlegroup starts drifting towards my zone in fact, which is fine with me. If he wants to leave his zone almost undefended, I can't complain. 
+2 focus on Behemoth and upkeep Silence of death. I can't charge his woldstalkers thanks to the rough terrain. Well I could but I can't reach them. So I choose to run and spread out with the Kayazy. I don't plan to give him the zone for free. Behemoth moves up and shoots the Objective and boosts the damage both times. Suddenly, it's gone and I have 1 point. My IFP charge, manage to hit the shifting stone but not the druid because the druid's too far away. The rest run up to engage her. Butcher runs towards the enemy zone while 1 argus plops itself down on my zone. Kovnik walks up towards the hill, which is a mistake as I should have placed him near the center because I NEED his CMD 10/11 for the Kayazy who are probably going to get a battering this next turn. Corbeau joins him. The Koldun Lord runs. 

Turn 3
-His turn to try and score a point off of me. His Gorax charges a Kayazy, boosts to hit, hits. Then warpath ups to kill another Kayazy with another boosted attack roll. His Kromac wanted to charge my Kayazy but he discovers it's not possible since his charge lane was blocked so he decided to use shifting stones to teleport him. That Kayazy dies too but Kromac does not enter the zone. Wold stalkers activate and try to hit the Kayazy with beam spam. It works...kinda, hitting 1 with 4 shots. Ghetorix moves up near Kromac, towards my zone. Stalker gets berserk and charges up to kill a Kayazy, warpaths up to try and hit my argus but it's TOO far. So he's stuck there. In the middle of nowhere. Or rather, very near my angry Kayazy. Also, thanks to the fact the Argus is still there, and fearless, I'm still contesting the zone. 
+3 focus to Behemoth's main cortex. I want him to pulp the Stalker. I upkeep SoD. Kayazy activate,, pop mini-feat, charge the Gorax and the Stalker and a woldstalker. 3 kayazy; including the underboss, down the Stalker, suddenly leaving Behemoth with nothing to do. Gorax gets an aspect taken down and the wold stalker attack...misses. IFP activate and charge the druid wilder and Ghetorix and the rest run. I attack Ghetorix in CMAs of 2 and manage to down his spirit, meaning he can't force himself next turn. He retaliatory strikes me but it was worth one IFP to take down his spirit. Also, arm 21 Ghetorix is pretty sick. The druid dies to CMAs of 2s as well. Butcher runs and dominates his zone. Behemoth runs in and contests my zone. I gain 3 points for a total of 4. 

Turn 4
-My opponent looks at the board setup. He would have an insanely hard time killing Butcher because his Ghetorix has its spirit down and is engaged by multiple IFP. He could teleport but then he couldn't move. He also can't heal Ghetorix due to SoD. He could TRY to kill off every unit in my zone but that's a lot of Kayazy and a fresh Behemoth. And I would still score 3 points unless he could contest somehow. He ends up conceding. 

Thoughts on game

Butcher really did nothing this entire game, he just handed out focus and then camped and upkept SoD. But to be fair, I think my opponent was pretty scared of Butcher. He knows Butcher can get up to some crazy stuff so he tried to play it pretty safe as well. I'm surprised he didn't keep casting bestial every turn but I suppose he knew I was pretty far from him and as long as he didn't have anyone within 9" of Madelyn or didn't kill my Argus, he was safe. Ish. 

Madelyn really didn't do much this game either, although I suspect she's really more of a deterrent solo in this list. Either you end up within 9" and suddenly Butcher moves up 3" during his turn or you kill her, which means you're probably close to Butcher anyway. Or you shoot her, and she triggers sac pawn onto an Argus and Vengeance triggers.

The Ironfang Kovnik is HUGE. Suddenly, my threat range with shieldwall is 10 inches! My charging threat range is 11. It's just 1" short of a charge but I get to have +4 ARM while doing so. Now if only it didn't require an action like the Stormblade Captains. But it's definitely not a useless ability.