Wednesday, 7 August 2013

50 pt eCaine vs eStryker

Strangely, it seems that most people here play the assassination casters the most for Cygnar. It makes for awfully uncomfortable match-ups at times


Journeyman warcaster
Stormblade Captain
Arlan Strangewayes
ATGM with UA


Journeyman warcaster
Boomhowlers with Murdoch
Alain Runewood
Swordknights with UA

So deathclock once again. And Cygnar's top 2 assassins vs each other. Except if he gets within range of me, I'm probably very really dead. But not so if I get in range of him because Stryker's armor will still be hard to get through. He ends up going first and we play scenario #2.

Turn 1
-Arcane shield goes onto the Stormclad. Stormblades advance move. The swordknights drive the Stormclad forward and then run up the center towards their objective. The Stormclad runs further up the center into the zone. Boomhowlers run up the right flank. Stryker takes cover behind a wall and casts deflection. Stormblades run up into the zone.
+I get a focus from Squire and give one to hunter. Stormguards run up towards the zone. Stormclad activates and I make a mistake here and do not screen it well enough. I should have hidden it behind the stormguards. Stormblades run up as well. ATGM run to the right, skirting around the forest. Hunter stays in the forest and tries to shoot the Stormclad and misses. Rangers run all the way up the left flank. If he wants them, he's going to go out of his way to get them. Taryn follows behind them. Caine charges a stormguard, kills it, casts magic bullet, hits a swordknight and then MB hits Ryan of the Black13. Boom, no more Ryan, no more magestorm. I then teleport back onto the hill on the left. Stormblade captain runs up to behind the stormblades. Reinholdt and squire follow Caine.

Turn 2
-This turn is fairly brutal. The swordknights drive the stormclad forward again and run forward. The stormblades run forward. The boomhowlers run forward again. Stryker walks forward and feats, casts positive charge on the stormclad and deflection again. Ol'Rowdy runs forward. Stormclad goes into my stormclad and kills it. Stormblades go into my stormguard and kills several of them. Swordknights are too far too do much. Boomhowlers try to hit my hunter. At the end, he positions his Ol'Rowdy such that it's base to base with Stryker.
+This is pretty bad for me. Without the Stormclad, there's no way I can win a game of attrition against him. Plus I'm very close to being in his killing range. So there's only 1 choice for me. I drop all upkeeps and get 1 focus from the Squire. My ATGM shoot the boomhowlers and kill a few. Hunter walks away and fails to hit the boomhowler. Stormguards make short work of the stormblades and some swordknights. Stormblades charge the stormclad but I roll HORRIBLY against it. Now for the meat of my turn. Reinholdt gives Caine an extra shot. Rangers go first and they run, engaging Ol'Rowdy. Which was a bit of a mistake as it gave Ol'Rowdy a bonus to his ranged DEF, which I didn't need to do if I positioned them correctly. But I didn't see that part at first. I also position it so that Taryn can CHARGE one of the rangers. Originally, she would have been too far to hit Ol'Rowdy. But now, she's in range. I roll the dice and I hit Ol'Rowdy who suddenly doesn't block LOS... Caine walks up, feats, hits Stryker at dice -5. Roll damage and do 1. I then hit several sword knights nearby for the extra +1 dmg and because I only need 3s to hit them...I actually miss on one shot though. However, at the end of the day, Stryker dies to my 10 feat turn shots. 

Thoughts on game
Taryn rocks? To be honest, if this game had gone on, I would have lost. Just didn't have enough units to deal with his army once stormclad was down. 

The super speedy Stormclad is a pretty annoying thing to deal with. Especially with Arcane Shield and deflection on. However, there are a few things that can really screw with it. Anything that can make it stationary will screw with it due to it being jack marshalled and not part of a battlegroup. However, there are very few effects that cause stationary. A much easier way is probably to KD it. Once KDed, it can at most move twice. Which is still 10" but it can't attack. 

Another way is probably just to kill the Swordknight officer, which may be difficult if your opponent insists on hiding him. But magic bullet has a way of solving many problems...