Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Kick-Ass 2

Kick-Ass 2 is kinda kick ass.

Now I've watched both Kick-Ass 1 and 2, as well as read both comic series 1 & 2. And this may be one of the few films where I encourage watching the film over reading the comic series. Mostly because the comic series was really gratuitous violence for the sake of violence. Which the film is except it tones it down a bit. Yes, the violene in KA2 IS toned down. 

So what's different from the comics? Warning, spoilers abound

  • Colonel Stars and Stripes gets decapitated and has his head replaced with his dogs ALA Game of Thrones. 
  • Katie or Nightbitch or whoever is supposed to be the female LI, is raped by the Motherfucker and his gang
  • Lots more killing, including Motherfucker spraying down a bunch of children when he's visiting Katie
  • The ending fight scene is totally different. In the comics, MF has already started bombing cities and there's a huge chaotic fight in the city
  • MF does not actually kill his mother in the comic. 
  • There is no alfred to MF's evil bruce wayne
  • There was no Mindy trying to bond with other HS girls scene. 
So I'm going to say, I do prefer the slightly less violent version. I also do like how the film references the comic, with scenes like Mother Russia asking if she should kill the dog and MF says 'geez, I'm NOT that evil'. Along with MF not being able to get it up when he's trying to rape NightBitch.

However, Mindy seems even more emotionally disturbed in the films than she is in the comic books. Which is pretty disturbed. Especially during her 'revenge' scene against the Mean Girls who made fun of her, where she says she's a superhero and it's her job to fight evil and how the Mean Girls are no better than murderers/criminals etc. Mindy, although they're mean, I'm pretty sure they're not Evil. Geez, learn appropriate emotional responses will you. 

The only part I was really dissatisfied with was the ending fight scene. I just didn't like how they changed it from the original, where the villain was already blowing shit up in the city and the cops were being overwhelmed and then the 'heroes' sort of stepped in to save the day. Instead, it takes place in a warehouse; that's really more of a club. There's almost NO reason why the heroes couldn't have just dialled 911 and asked the cops to go there instead. Also, the last fight scene between Hit Girl and Mother Russia? Not a fan of how it showed Mindy had to suddenly take steroids to get the bullet time effect from the Matrix. That was seriously a BS sequence and over the top. Also, htf does Dave's loser friend not get any Karmic payback for being indirectly responsible for his father's death? Ugh.

Overall, watchable film except for the last fight scene.