Thursday, 29 August 2013

Butcher3 vs Kaelyssa

More butchering! Butcher hates smelly elves! They make Butcher mad! And you won't like it when he's mad!


Ironfang Pikemen with Black Dragon UA
Kayazy Assassins with UA
Madelyn Corbeau
Koldun Lord
Ironfang Kovnik


Dawnguard Halberdiers with UA
Dawnguard Sentinels with UA

I choose to go 2nd due to the scenario #4; Ammunition Run. I want to be able to blow up the crates on my turn.  Amazingly no MHSF on his end. I deploy my IFP in the center so that they can go after the zone/center objective while my Kayazy are prepared to run through the forest to get to his objective on the left. Butcher will take care of defending my objective on the right. 

Turn 1
-He runs his units up. He starts aiming to funnel them through the opening, between the two forests, which is a trap. Anyway, his Halberdiers run up all the way up the center while his Sentinels follow behind. Kaelyssa and Sylyss stand on top of a hill along with the rest of his battlegroup. I don't need to cast silence of death at all this game. Okay. I give 3 to Behemoth's subcortex and 1 to it's main. Butcher activates, energisers up with 2 focus. This is to give Behemoth some extra movement. Behemoth activates and then tramples up another 7". This gives me 9" of movement this turn thanks to energiser. I aim for the halberdier officer but he's out of range. Deviate and land onto Sylyss. Okay...boost the damage and Sylyss dies. Second shot lands onto some halberdiers now that I know my range. boost to hit and kills 2 of the 3 caught in the blast. Kovnik gives the IFP +2 movement and they shieldwall up 8" onto the hill. I'm not in the zone yet because I don't need to be. Kayazy run up all the way on the left flank.  Koldun Lord runs up too out in front. 

Turn 2
-He drops phantom hunter now that there's no more free upkeeps. The banshee hits Behemoth with his cannon, knocking him down but barely scratches the armor. His halberdiers move up and then reform to engage my Behemoth but most of them are too far. He keeps them back a bit and only has 2 engage Behemoth. The sentinels run forward again, trying to squeeze into the zone. The phoenix follows behind them. Kaelyssa walks up and pops my Koldun Lord. 
+Technically I can kill Kaelyssa right now. Or try to at least. I get a free 3" move from Madelyn and take it on the Butcher. I'm pretty sure if I energiser up and impending doom, Kaelyssa will be sucked into my range but I'm going to try for scenario again.2 focus to Behemoth's subcortex. Madelyn seduces one of the halberdiers who then turns around to face away from Behemoth and whacking his own comrade, who dies. The betrayal! Behemoth moves and shoots the objective, boosting both damage rolls and kills it, setting some of his halberdiers on fire. The kovnik give the IFP +2" movement again and they shieldwall up and mini-feat. They kill several halberdiers as well as damage the banshee slightly. I think it might have been a better choice trying to charge this time as I really needed the extra damage dice to go through the warjacks armor. However, armor 22 IS pretty attractive. 
Kayazy run to jam the sentinels. Thanks to him bunching them all together, I'm able to jam them with 2 guys. The rest flank around the forest. I gain 1 point. Butcher hides behind Behemoth,on top of a hill. 

Turn 3
-Kaelyssa walks the other way and tries to rift the Kayazy, it misses but achieves his goal of preventing me from charging due to the rough terrain. His phoenix walks around combusts, killing one IFP due to armor 22, and one of his own sentinels. However, it seems my IFp on fire. The banshee beats up some of the IFP, missing and hitting and then failing to penetrate the armor with its weaker weapon. The sentinels end up splitting their forces, 1/2 of them moving towards my Kayazy approaching from the left and the other 1/2 trying to beat my Kayazy that's jamming them.
+Well, he's got a lot of Sentinels stuck near his objective. Right where I want them. 2 focus goes to Behemoth again and I roll for fire. The IFP declare charge, unfortunately, the banshee prevents the IFP near it from getting the order so they have to walk normally. I KD the Banshee and deal a few damage to the Phoenix. Kayazy feat and charge. I run one of them towards Kaelyssa while another charges her. The rest kills off some sentinels and the Sentinel officer. Butcher impending dooms two halberdiers away from Behemoth and kills them. I walk Behemoth up and boost the shots into the enemy objective and kill it. More sentinels die from fire as well as 2 of my own Kayazy. I gain another point. 

Turn 4
-3 focus goes onto the Phoenix and two onto the Banshee. The sentinels charge my IFP blocking the way to the Behemoth. The phoenix then walks up, combusts to kill some more IFP and then buys several attacks to beat Behemoth. This may not have been the best thing to do because it wasted both of his initials. Anyway, he cripples one arm and that's it. Kaelyssa tries to whack a Kayazy, boosts but misses and then decides to camp the rest of the focus. The banshee kills more IFP.  
+I actually forgot to use the Kayazy to attack Kaelyssa the previous turn so I'll have to remember that this turn. 3 focus goes onto Behemoth. I'm planning to use it to kill the Banshee who's being really annoying. The Kayazy and the Kovnik mop up the rest of the sentinels as well as dealing several damage to Kaelyssa. I move up with Butcher and impending doom the Phoenix away from my Behemoth. I flashing blade once, feat and then flashing blade until the jack is dead. Then I energiser Behemoth up so that he's within 4" of the Banshee. My IFP CMA the Banshee and KD it, which means funtimes for Behemoth. Behemoth walks up and kills the banshee. I control the zone, gaining 1 point. 

Turn 5
-With nothing left but herself. Kaelyssa walks away from my Kayazy, provoking several freestrikes that leave her with 1 hp but still alive and tries to shoot Butcher. She casts phantom hunter on herself, due to me getting cover from the wrecked warjack as well as being on a hill, and then boosts to hit. Misses. Misses. Hits and boosts damage. I'm definitely not dead. I gain another point, leaving me at 4/5 points and she concedes. 

Thoughts on game
I'm not really sure she could have killed me even if she boosted. It's only an average of 9 damage with 3 shots and I would just heal myself back up to 17 health next turn and then camp to win. 

Overall, the banshee was pretty annoying. Granted, it didn't really stop me from casting spells because 5" isn't enough but it did stop my units from receiving orders which was more annoying since I needed the charge bonus to be able to damage it significantly. 

Again, could probably have killed Kaelyssa top of turn 2, but wanted to win on scenario instead. Otoh, I really should try practicing Butcher's assassination run sometime.