Wednesday, 25 July 2012

NeLi's Ice Cream

233 Upper Thomson Rd  574364
So I tried this new Ice Cream place down at Upper Thomson Road. Apparently a LOT of dessert places have been popping up along that stretch of road; ranging from Udders to Salted Caramel to Wafflelicious. Now this is the newest one that has popped up so far. 

I'm going to say this. I like the decor. Except for ONE thing. The plastic chairs.  But otherwise, it seems fairly american diner-ish, the lighting is bright and the ambience is pleasant. 
Best of all, they have flag erasers. Seriously, how long has it been since I saw these? 

The prices are fairly average among the stretch of Upper thomson road, which is to say they're not cheap. Although to be fair, I have noticed a bit of a price disconnect between me and other people living in Singapore. What they think is 'reasonable' I think is pretty expensive. Apparently now, 30 dollar meals are  considered reasonable among people who don't work for a living while I; a person who has to work for a living, find them expensive. The Irony -_-....

The ice cream itself is decent, with the individual flavors coming out quite strongly. But basically, chocolate is chocolate. Not really fond of the structure of the menu though. Basically, when you order scoops of icecream, you can only stick with either premium or standard flavors. You can't mix premium with standard because there's no such option. Hence why I ended up with 2 chocolate flavors, since the other one I wanted to try was a standard flavor. 

Overall, taste was decent but really needs more flavors and more of an option to mix things up.