Monday, 12 August 2013

Siege vs Siege

This should be interesting....


Gun Mages with UA
Journeyman warcaster
Black 13



Min. Forgeguard
Black 13
Journeyman warcaster

So this should be an interesting match up because we're both playing somewhat assassination-y lists with a fairly large threat range. Obviously, we've both got Defender in the list and squire but he has reinholdt while I don't and I have an extra jack. He has the ranges while I don't because I found it hard to fit them in while maintaining enough infantry. We'll see how this works out. I end up going first and we play Scenario #3.

Turn 1
-I give 2 focus to Minutemen and Defender. Journeyman casts Arcane shield on Siege. Minutemen runs up; too far ahead it seems. Defender runs up and hides behind the forest in the middle. ATGM run up the right flank, towards my flag. I make sure to stay fairly far from his ranger so that they have to move to shoot me.  Siege casts foxhole on the left flank and then charges up towards the enemy defender. The stormguard run into the foxhole. The black13 run to behind the cover, so that I have a clear view of HIS flag. My plan is to use them to snipe down his boomhowlers as they come forward. For that I won't need to move. 
+He gives 2 focus to his defender. Siege walks up and shoots the minutemen, boosts to hit and then boosts the damage. Surprisingly does a fair bit. Then the defender walks up and shoots the minutemen, boosts to hit and then boosts the damage. My poor minutemen is almost dead just like that. His boomhowlers sing 4+ tough and run up the left flank, skirting around the forest. The forgeguard go towards the left as well, followed by the Black13. The rangers run up the right flank. Gorman pops smoke on Siege. 

Turn 2
-I draw 1 focus from the 1 focus to minutemen; who's probably going to die THIS turn. I give 2 to the defender. I drop foxhole but upkeep arcane shield. Minutemen goes first, jumps and moves next to a bunch of rangers. Boom goes the flakfield and boom goes several rangers. ATGM stand still and snipe the rangers and that's the entire squad wiped off the table. I feel better knowing I'm going to lose my 5 point warjack as well this turn. Black 13 stand still and snipe the Boomhowlers, killing some of them while others make their tough rolls. I deviate on magestorm with Ryan and it ends up rolling into the forest, hitting a few boomhowlers on the way.  Siege moves and lays down a foxhole on himself and does ground pounder on some trolls as well but I miss HORRIBLY. I hit no one at all. Defender moves up to defend Siege against Magesight. Stormguard run and spread out. 
+His boomhowlers walk up and hit the stormguard, killing several. Forgeguard can't charge thanks to the magestorm and end up having to walk up and hit some stormguard. The black13 decide to skirt back to the right flank to try and shoot some ATGM but miss most rolls due to having to move and being out of range. Siege ground pounders some stormguard and the defender shoots and kills the Minutemen. 

Turn 3
-Time to try and kill some stuff. 2 focus to defender. I drop foxhole. I don't feat yet cause I don't need to and I'm trying to save it for his warcaster. So Siege walks up, drops mage sight on Boomhowler and then groundpounds some Forgeguards. I miss most rolls and on the ones I DO hit, I bounce off their armor at dice -6. Wth?? Defender moves up and shoots Boomhowler and he's left with 1 hp... Grr. The black13 move up and shoots the boomhowlers and hits/kills several of them. Stormguard order charges into the boomhowlers and kill even more of them. The ATGM practice rolling manuevers, which involve having the GMs I'm sure are within 14" of their enemies stand still while the rest move up. This allows me to shoot at rat 9 against some of them. I kill some of the black 13 but not Ryan who's hiding behind a wall. 

+2 focus to defender. His defender shoots the ATGM again and kills another one. Ryan stands still and snipes the ATGM but only hits one. Siege casts foxhole on himself and groundpounders my Ryan to paste, along with a stormguard. The boomhowlers and forgeguard charge/run and kill all of my stormguards but 1. There's still no points being scored yet. Gorman walks next to Siege and pops smoke. 

Turn 4
-I try for the assassination. I draw 1 focus from squire. I drop foxhole and give 2 focus to the defender and Siege feats. I cast mage sight on Siege, and try to hit Siege but miss even with boosted attack rolls and standing still. Hmm, this isn't good. I camp the rest of my focus. The stormguard charges into a boomhowler, kills and the resulting eleap kills another boomhowler. The remaining Black13 walk up and shoot the boomhowlers to death. The defender runs towards the opponents flag on the left and controls it. The ATGM stand still and shoot where possible; walking up where not. They end up thunderstriking the opponents defender away from them. This ends with me gaining 2 points. 
+My opponent tries for the assassination. He gets 1 focus from squire, 1 focus from Reinholdt. He gives 1 focus to the defender.. Boomhowler runs towards me for some reason. He walks up and shoots me, boosts to hit and boosts the damage. Its flat damage and it hurts but I'm still alive with 6 hp. He then tries his 2nd shoot, boosts the damage again but this time with my full armor on, he bounces at dice -8. The defender is too far away due to me thunderstriking it and it kills some ATGM instead of running forward to try and capture the flag. Still, he was too far to reach it. Gorman moves up and black oils the defender. Squire runs up to contest the flag.

Turn 5
-I just need to get rid of his two solos and I'll probably win. The captain of the black13 shoots Gorman and kills him. The other one shoots Boomhowler and kills him. Journeyman walks up, boosts the hit on squire and boosts the damage and kills him too. Defender shuffles out of the way for Siege and Siege runs to capture the point. 3 points for me, ending the game. 

Thoughts on game
Basically, I made a very big mistake just putting my defender out in the open without sort of cover. This pretty much caused him to get scrapped within 2 turns, which was sad because I still wanted to use him to clear out the horde of infantry. 

Overall, this was a pretty tight game because we really couldn't move that close to each other and also because we ended up saving our feats till we could assassinate each other. Helps when most of his troops die to mine on average rolls and vice versa. However, my opponent made a huge mistake with his defender by just having it camp and shoot all game. It's pretty much the same mistake I made when I first played with the defender. You don't want to move it up because there's almost NO need to move it up and risk it being scrapped. Otoh, if you don't move it up, you can't contest zones sometimes when you need it to. Kind of like in the last turn where his defender was simply too far away to do anything that mattered.