Thursday, 5 September 2013

Butcher 3 vs pKreoss

I really really hate Kreoss


Ironfang Pikemen with Blackdragon UA
Ironfang Kovnik
Madelyn Corbeau
Koldun Lord
Kayazy Assassins with UA


Holy Zealots with UA
Exemplar Errants with UA
Covenant of Menoth
Rhupert Carvolo

I really really hate pKreoss. Him and his auto-knockdown regardless of LOS feat is just...annoying. We roll for senario and get #3; Incursion and I decide to go 2nd. He deploys his units with his battlegroup in the center, with the choir, the zealots on the left side and the errants on his right. He's probably going to run his errants through the forest towards my objective. I deploy Behemoth to match his Zealots because I plan to try and shoot his UA before he can mini-feat, IFP in the center to match his zealots and contest my flag and Kayazy will run all the way around on the right flank.

Turn 1
-Defenders ward goes onto the Errants and he casts Lamentation. His zealots run forward, down the left flank and towards his flag. Errants run through the forest. Reckoner and Redeemer run up towards his flag. Gorman pops smoke on Kreoss. 
+3 focus to Behemoth's sub cortex and 1 to main. Kayazy run up the right side, making sure to space out so that if he does hit me, he can't quickwork me as well thanks to stealth. Kovnik gives the IFP +2" movement and they shieldwall up and I mini-feat as well. Mostly because it seems like the Errants are going to charge me next turn and -13 on 4d6 are better odds than -9 on 4d6. Corbeau walks up. Butcher energisers, allowing the Behemoth to move up and then the unit moves up. I make a mistake with my placement here, blocking Butcher's path up. Behemoth tramples up and tries to shoot the Zealot UA. It's out of range and both deviations miss, but I do kill several zealots though. 

Turn 2
-He upkeeps both spells and allocates focus to the Reckoner and Redeemer. The reckoner walks up and tries to shoot the Behemoth. Boosts to hit and then boosts the damage. It barely scratches the paint.  Zealots walk up cautiously. Not really sure why they didn't run. Rhupert gives the Errants tough and fearless and the Book says 'no KD'. Kreoss walks up, measures CTRL area and finds Butcher is still out of it. and sits pretty behind a wall. Gorman pops smoke on them. Redeemer shoots into the IFP but misses with most of them and the deviations can't hurt them on their mini-feat. Errants run up to jam my units for some reason, instead of charging.
+There's a model within Madelyns CMD range and I was thinking of activating Butcher but I placed him wrongly and his movement is blocked by his own argus. I move the Koldun Lord instead. 3 focus to Behemoth's subcortex again. Kayazy charge the errants where possible and he makes so many tough rolls that I get sick of it and activate Butcher next. Butcher casts SOD on the IFP and kills the Errant next to him. Madelyn seduces one of the errants who walks around and tries to kill his brother errant. Fails to hit though. Koldun Lord moves up, targets the redeemer and sprays the errants. I can't target them but they're just in the path of my spray. I don't hit the redeemer cause it's just too far. Kill some but then several make their tough rolls as well. Kovnik gives the IFP +2" movement and they walk up and CMA the errants, taking several down. No tough, no self-sacrifice either since that requires healing. Behemoth stands still and shoots Reckoner and deals some damage to it. I'm still out of its charge range so I don't worry about it moving up to me. 

Turn 3
-Well, more focus to the Reckoner and Redeemer. He upkeeps both spells. His Errants charge, miss both Kayazy, even misses the Koldun Lord but kills some IFP. Reckoner walks up and shoots the Behemoth again. The zealots pop mini-feat and run up to block my charge lane to the Reckoner. Rhupert gives the Errants tough again and book says no KD. Kreoss walks up and finds I'm STILL out of his ctrl area and stops. Gorman pops smoke on the two of them. Redeemer fires a few shots into the crowd, misses totally and on the one time he hits the Kayazy, he fails to kill them , rolling 5 when he needs 6s to kill them. His choir gives the jacks the 'no shooting' benefit, which is probably why he didn't use battle. 
+Time for my counter attack. Madelyn triggers one of the IFP to move up. 3 focus goes to Behemoth's sub-cortex and I upkeep SOD. Madelyn goes and seduces one of the errants again (that homewrecker!) and it kills its brother errant. The kovnik gives the IFP +2" movement again. The Kayazy mini-feat and charge the errants but still, a lot of them make their tough rolls. I used the mini-feat so that I could get the maximum no. of Kayazy into the enemy but they made most of their tough rolls, which was Ugh. The IFP shieldwall and CMA the errants to death. Again. Butcher activates, energisers, letting the Behemoth move away from the zealot engaging it. I can't move further back thanks to killbox. The behemoth stands still and shoots Kreoss who's really standing out there in the open. I boost to hit and hit, boost the damage and roll...4. At dice -3. Well, my opponent's not the only one suffering bad rolls. I do hit Gorman as well and I figured I may as well boost the damage to kill him and I do. Then I roll for a hit on Kreoss again. Surprisingly, I hit again and roll decently for damage.

Turn 4
-His turn to counter-attack. 3 focus to Reckoner. 3 focus to Redeemer. He drops defenders ward since the errants are almost dead. He walks up and feats, knocking down almost everything in my army. Except for 3 Kayazy and the IFP and the Kovnik who says 'no, IFP do not get knocked down!' The zealots move up and try to shoot Butcher. But most of them are to far away and the forest blocks LOS to Butcher anyway. They do kill some assassins. Choir walks up and sings battle. The book gives the Redeemer the continuous fire effect on its weapons. Redeemer walks up and shoots Butcher. He boosts the damage and then fires several more shots, which roll horribly. End result, Butcher still has 12hp at the end of it. But I'm on fire. Reckoner charges Behemoth, misses with it's assault shot, rolling double 1s. It hits, buys several more attacks, one of which actually bounces off the Behemoth's armor due to him rolling double 1s again. Guess rolling all those 5s and 6s for his tough rolls are coming back to haunt him. End result, Behemoth is alive with his right arm and movement down. The lone Errant with a weapon tries to kill off the IFP. He doesn't get a point despite being b2b with the flag since one kayazy is still alive there within 4" of the flag. 
+I don't upkeep SoD since lamentation makes it far too costly. An IFP model gets a 3" move thanks to Madelyn, leaving him with LOS to Kreoss and .  I give 3 focus to the Behemoth. I was thinking of trying to impending doom the Reckoner away, which would leave the Behemoth free to try and range-sassinate Kreoss but it's too risky a play. I can't vengeance also because I'm KDed. Behemoth activates first, downs the Reckoneers arm system and then proceeds to slowly wreck it. Koldun Lord gives up his movement to spray the zealots. IFP order charge and several charge into the redeemer, Rhuper, zealots and 1 charges Kreoss. I actually hit Kreoss and deal more damage. Kayazy order run/charge and those who weren't KDed run, the others walk. Madelyn walks up. Butcher moves into a forest, kills off a zealot, feats and impending dooms the rest to him, making sure to kill off the UA. This didn't really go out the way I planned as I was trying to make sure his unit would flee but apparently they still have tough and fearless from Rhupert. 

Turn 5
-Things don't look good for Kreoss. The choir charge the IFP engaging Kreoss and actually kill it. The Redeemer tries to kill an IFP but fails. The zealots walk away, taking free strikes from Butcher. Kreoss walks up and tries to shoot Butcher with spells but discovers that even after moving up, he still can't draw LOS to butcher through the forest. He casts defenders ward on himself and camps his focus. Which might work if he didn't only have 3 life left...
+Butcher walks up, beats Kreoss. Boosts to hit, boosts the damage. Kreoss dies.

Thoughts on game

Okay, the Iron Fang Kovnik really really screws with pKreoss feat. Especially since he's almost always likely to play at the backlines, which means it's going to be hard to assassinate him. 

I really was expecting Behemoth to die during that turn, but since he didn't, it turned out well for me. One thing I could really have done was to go towards my own flag instead of trying to head for his. I spent too much time, stuck in the center instead of trying for CP. Also, ended up bunching my units too close together thanks to the forests but thankfully, he didn't have a Vanquisher.