Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Reaper Bones Kickstarter

So my Bones finally arrived a week ago (funny how all my KS rewards seem to be coming in at the same time...)

Right, being one of the LAST few people to get my Bones simply because I'm an international backer and because Reaper apparently has logistic issues, I'm pretty sure most people know what the Bones miniatures are like. I spent a happy day unpacking them I'm going to say I'm pretty pleased with them. 

Especially the bone dragon; Kaladrax. Man, he's a steal at the KS price of 10usd. Seriously, 10 FRIGGING DOLLARS. Nethyrmaul, the other dragon next to him was 20+ and it's 1/2 his size. Same for the clockwork dragon. I'm kind of sad they didn't include actual scale pictures in the KS but still happy I managed to get one of each of the dragons. Although there's some serious scale discrepancies between them. I'm not even sure what class of dragon Kaladrax is supposed to be? God-tier?

To be fair, the only issue I really have with this KS is the communications presented by Reaper during the KS itself. While the USA orders went out fairly quickly, it then hit a pretty long stall of 2-3 months while the rest of the world wondered just when their orders were coming. This wasn't helped by the replies that the creator would occasionally post in the comments section of the kickstarter. 

"We are sorry if you have not received your rewards yet. You may not believe this, but we will be just as glad to get it to you as you are to receive it. @ Richard Would: We are 90% complete on shipping out rewards. Jan Hendriks de Geweldenaar is correct in making the statement that it is an estimated ship date. Which was based, at the time, on many unknown factors. We are doing our very best to get the last >10% complete, and we will finish this sooner than later. Also, as we are this close to completion, we will not be giving any refunds anyway. That window closed a while ago. @ All: Please keep in mind that a Kickstarter project is not a purchase, it's a donation that will eventually result in a rewards for your donation, but technically doesn't have to return you a thing. It carries a real risk similar to an uninsured investment. However, we are not doing this to you as we are shipping. If you are thinking of Kickstarter as a retail outlet, then you should expect a lot of disappointment in your future. We are one of the few companies that have actually fulfilled (as much as we have so far). Take a look around at funded Kickstarters, especially one's that offer miniatures, and see how many are shipping anything, let alone 90% done within a year of the close date."
Note, telling people that you DON'T have to give them anything in return for their money? Even as a hypothetical case? Not a smart move. Even mentioning it in passing? not a smart move. Especially since this was a few days after the fiasco that was a Doom that came to Atlantic City broke out and people were a bit jumpy. Their replies to messages weren't particular inspiring either, being a mix of sarcasm or passive aggressiveness. Though really, nothing can beat Raging Heroes at passive aggressiveness towards their customers...

As it was, lots of people were wondering why their orders were taking so long especially as Reaper seemed to continuously change the order in which they were shipping things. First it was smallest to largest, then largest to smallest and then finally they admitted they were shipping randomly. Lots of people would have killed for some information on just what was going on but for some reason, Reaper chose to keep their silence during this period. Which wasn't a pretty move as it just agitated people who had already been waiting for 2 months since they first started shipping out without even receiving a shipping notice. 

However, you can't really fault the models. Much. Sure there are things that can be improved here and there, but I'm still pretty impressed by the detail that this Bones material can hold. It's pretty decent and seemingly quite cheap as well, which makes me wish PP would use it for their own plastic lines. Seriously, PP do this. 

Overall, if I had a chance to back this again, I probably would. I didn't like the communication at all but the models are seriously cheap which would be the only reason I would back this again. To that extent, I'll probably also be willing to back their second kickstarter if it has the same level of value as the first one.