Monday, 30 September 2013

pKreoss vs Aurora

So as part of a league I'm taking part in, I've decided to brush out the menoth part of my 2 player battlebox.


Flameguard with UA
Exempler Errants with UA
Covenant of Menoth
Rhupert Carvolo
Min. Choir
Vassal of Menoth


Optifex Directive
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifexes x 3
Steelsoul protector
Clockwork Angel
Clockwork Angel
Clockwork Angel

So this is Aurora's Tier4 list, which means it's really really fast. The Angels already have Advance Deployment while the jacks get advance move. We're playing scenario #1; or as I like to call it, the scenario that's almost impossible to win on CP. We're both playing our lists for the very first time so there are going to be some mistakes on both our sides. He goes first. 

Turn 1
-He apparitions his battlegroup forward. He allocates 1 focus to one warjack. Aurora casts transference on herself, admonition on the Assimilator. The warjacks run forward, managing to use their inductor node so that they can transfer the focus continuously among themselves and use that to run. Not bad, using one focus to get 4 warjacks to run. Clockwork angels advance normally, spreading out into 3 flanks, right, middle, left. I guess he doesn't want to get too close to me yet. His mechanics and arc nodes follow behind Aurora as does the Steelsoul protector.
+I give 1 focus to Reckoner and 1 to redeemer. This is the maximum I can give while still having enough focus to cast my spells this turn. Choir moves up and sings battle. The redeemer walks up and fires off some shots at the clockwork angels. I kill one with a deviated blast. Reckoner runs. Flameguard move up in shieldwall formation. Errants run up the right flank, spacing out so that the ground pounder won't kill more than 2 of them. Kreoss casts lamentation and defenders ward on the flameguard. Rhupert gives them tough and runs. The book walks up and says 'No Knockdown'. I forget to move my Vassal this turn. Doh. 

Turn 2
-He gives 1 focus to his Cipher. One unit of clockwork angels charge the errants but he misses with one and I self-sac another, making it hard for him to reform. The difuser tries to shoot an Errant and hits. The Assimilator shoots with ground pounder and kills one errant but misses the other. Having Rat4 kind of sucks. I play Khador so I know. Another unit of clockwork angels charge the errants. Again, I self-sac so that the first one he charges stays alive while the other errant who was charged dies and the clockwork angels who charged him do not get to make an attack since there's no others in reach. The angels on the left move further left. The Cipher shoots and scores some rough terrain onto the Temple Flameguard. 
+I give 1 focus to the Reckoner since I reckon it's within walk-and-shoot distance of the objective. I give 3 to the redeemer and I upkeep both spells. Leaving me with 1 focus on Kreoss. Easy things first. I use the Choir to sing battle. Vassal moves up this time onto the redeemer and he aims at the objective. Anything but double 1s hits it. I...miss...with double 1s. Wth. Anyway, Reckoner moves up and shoots the objective, hits and boosts the damage. I deal a fair bit to it. Redeemer moves up and hits the objective, boosts and I kill it. Then I spend the next 2 shoots randomly deviating among the clockwork angels. I only kill one. The errants decide to move normally and several of them decide to shoot instead. I melee the clockwork angels engaged with me and kill them and then quickwork into the arcnodes, but I keep missing. Yet I manage to hit a clockwork angel with the errants who decided to shoot instead. 3 shots went into that one arcnode but I missed all 3. The flameguard move up in shieldwall and pop their field. Rhupert gives them Tough and fearless and runs. The book walks up and says no KD. Kreoss runs to hide behind the book and flameguard. 
Turn 3
-He decides to go for the assassination run. He drops all upkeeps but gives a focus to the Assimilator. The Cipher tries to flare Kreoss but misses and deviates away into nothing. The Assimilator decides to ground pound the flameguard but also misses. The corollary gives Aurora 1 focus. A sole surviving clockwork angel runs to flank Kreoss. Aurora feats and charges the tempe flameguard but does not boost to hit. She misses and at this point, my opponent suddenly realises refuge NEEDS the model to hit an enemy model with an attack. This severely borks over his attempt to refuge over to Kreoss and flashing blade/assassinate me. Suddenly, he needs to buy attacks like a madman. He buys, boosts, misses, buys, boost misses. He's left with 3 focus and at this point, it would be very hard to kill me with lamentation still up. But he also can't stay within the reach of my Flameguard either. Especially with Kreoss and his feat still waiting in the wing. So he tries again but misses. At this point, he's screwed with only 1 focus left and several mean-looking flameguard standing around. He concedes

Thoughts on game
To be fair, if my opponent had realised Refuge needed to HIT and boosted the attack roll, I would probably be dead. Otoh, this is also the first time we've tried out our respective armies and I would probably say I didn't see the assassination run coming. Interesting use of the feat though. Would probably work a lot better against people without Lamentation or even people that can just stop spellcasting (Covenant of Menoth; Kromac, Banshee etc).