Friday, 13 September 2013

Butcher3 vs eHaley

Like many other people, I too hate eHaley.


Madelyn Corbeau
Koldun Lord
Ironfang Pikemen with Black Dragon UA
Kayazy Assassins with UA
Ironfang Kovnik

-Stormclad (bonded)

Gunmages with UA
Boomhowlers with Murdoch
Journeyman Warcaster

So...eHaley. Can't say I'm going to like this match-up. My only hope is that I can just weather her attacks and feat turn. We end up playing scenario 4; Ammunition Run. I end up going 2nd and  place my IFP on the left so that they can walk up and take down his objective on the left. My Kayazy are going on the right to try and flank the boomhowlers while my battlegroup will advance up the front. 

Turn 1
-1 focus to each jack. He runs his stormclad up the left flank, towards my IFP. Lancer runs up the right flank, into the forest. This means they're pretty spread out, forces eHaley to be in a certain position. Gunmages run up the left flank, skirting the edge of the walls while the boomhowler sing 4+ tough and run around the forest, towards the zone in the center. Arcane shield goes onto the Boomhowlers and Haley casts deceleration.
+3 focus to Behemoths subcortex, which was a mistake as I forgot to allocate one to its main so it could trample forward too. IFP kovnik moves up and gives the IFP +2" movement. They shieldwall and move up the left and mini-feat cause a stormclad is coming in their face. I cast SoD on Butcher3 and energiser so I can move the Behemoth up 1". I then move Butcher so he's standing on top of a hill. I make a bad placement with one argus that allows eHaley to catch it in her feat later on. Madelyn Corbeau walks up behind the argus. Behemoth walks up, pops a few shots towards the gunmages but it's all out of range and then I fail to kill the boomhowlers with boosted deviations. Koldun Lord goes behind the Boomhowler. 

Turn 2
-4 focus to Stormclad. My opponent moves eHaley up, feats, catches everyone in the feat. TKs the Stormclad up and casts deadeye on the gunmages. Stormclad charges into the IFP, but he's only within 2" reach of 3. Kills the first one, and rolls for e-leap. Asks what my armor is and I tell him '22', which means e-leap is useless. He then buys an attack. Misses. Buys another attack, misses again. Buys last attack, nope misses. Um...okay. At least the IFP are caught in the feat. Gunmages move up and try to shoot some IFP and kayazy. Most of the kayazy are too far away to be caught by snipe and the IFP are really hard to kill. He tries to thundertrike them but they can't be knocked down either thanks to mini-feat. And IF kovnik. Boomhowlers assault and mini-feat, ending up with only 4 models in assault range of my Argus. I have no idea why he wants to kill my argus because if he DID kill my argus, not only would I NOT be in his feat area anymore (meaning Butcher can go forward and kill as many people as he wants) but I would also get Vengeance. Probably because the only other likely choice was Behemoth and he didn't have confidence on that. 
+So no vengeance. All my units are stuck together. Madelyn Corbeau lets Butcher move up 3" thanks to intrigue. 3 focus is given to Behemoth's subcortex (again, another mistake. Only needed 2) and I upkeep SoD. My IFP activate first according to his choice and they shield wall and walk up to surround the Stormclad. Then Behemoth activates. He gives up his movement to shoot the Objective. 2 shots later, it dies and sets a 4 Boomhowlers on fire. Only 1 dies. Next, the Kayazy activate and they just move up and surround the boomhowlers. Koldun Lord activates and I spray but I'm just out of range of the boomhowlers. I do hit Behemoth though but off the armor. Butcher goes next and I energiser up, then move up into his face (another mistake made here) and then feat. Drawing everyone to me, including one gunmage. Who then auto-fails CMD. But unfortunately, since I moved up before feating, the boomhowlers ACTUALLY have a chance to pass their terror check and they do. Ugh. I flashing blade 1x to at least get rid of some of them. I totally forget to move my arguses. And Madelyn moves up. I end with 1 point up (could have gotten 3...)

Turn 3
-He decides to try and assassinate me. 4 focus to Stormclad. Gunmages flee from butcher, running away and taking freestrikes. The boomhowlers move up and CMA the butcher but since I'm still camping focus, they only do 3 damage to me. He then moves eHaley up and TKs Stormclad away from the huge mass of models surrounding it. He's still going to take a few freestrikes but not as many now. Stormclad tries to charge Butcher and has to go through 3 IFP to do it. I hit with the first but roll...5 on 3d6 so the damage bounces. Then I crit with the 2nd, knocking it down in the middle of it's charge. My opponent upon seeing that a) his gunmages are almost useless right now b)Haley is within 10" of Butcher and c) boomhowlers are all going to die, decides to concede. 

Thoughts on game
It really could have been a splendid feat turn, except I forgot a few things. First, I didn't need to give 3 focus to Behemoth, I could have given 2 since I only miss the objective on double 1s. So I just needed to boost damage twice. I would then have been able to move 3" with energiser instead. Also, should have feated before walking in, which would then have caused the Boomhowlers to fail their terror test. Then I could have pulled the gunmage to me, causing that unit to fail terror test too and dominated the zone for 2 points. Ah well, lesson learnt. 

My opponent really made the mistake of committing his Stormclad too early but I suppose he could have easily killed the 3 IFP but I'm not sure that would have been worth it because it would still have ended up being surrounded by my IFP and still taking freestrikes if it tried to walk away. He was pretty demoralised after his disastrous feat turn because my grand casualty total for the game was...2. One Kayazy that got hit by the gunmage and the original charge target for the stormclad. And the next turn, if he continued, I would have either killed eHaley or just flashing bladed all the boomhowlers to death and continued dominating.