Wednesday, 25 September 2013

eCaine vs eFeora

The joys of being set on fire...

Journeyman warcaster
GunMages with UA


Bastion Seneschal
Choir of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth

We end up playing Process of Elimination, Scenario #11 and he ends up going first.

Turn 1
-His Bastions lead the flank, running up to be the first wave. Feora casts escort and charges at the stormclad. The jacks run up behind the bastions, with a vanquisher heading off towards the right flank while the others advance up the middle. Choir follows a safe distance behind. 
+Time to spread out. The ATGM run up the left flank, onto a hill, while making sure to space themselves out from random AOEs. The stormguard run up the right and do the same. Arcane shield goes onto the Stormclad, which then activates near the stormblades, gaining a focus and allowing it to run up the center. Taryn hides behind a forest as she'll probably be my trump card later on while Caine hides behind a wall and casts blur on himself. 

Turn 2
-He upkeeps escort and gives 1 focus to his jacks. His bastions are hindered by the forest and he decides to skirt around it , which proves to be a mistake. The Reckoner assaults my stormclad but doesn't do enough damage to it even with boosted shots. The vanquisher lays down some fire on the stormguards but misses most of them. 
+I draw a focus from the squire and give 2 focus to the Stormclad. I upkeep blur and arcane shield. My ATGM move up and shoot the sole Bastion in the zone out of the zone with thunderbolt shots. My stormblades move up near the stormclad; or rather only 1 moves up because only 1 needs to be nearby. The stormclad activates, gains a focus from the stormblades and charges the objective on the left since there's no other enemy models in that zone but that objective. After a few whacks, it dies. eCaine runs and dominates the zone, staying on top of the hill as I do so. This puts my def against ranged at a sick 22. Stormguard run up to engage the Bastions where possible. I can't hurt them but I'm going to block them.

Turn 3
-My opponent is caught flatfooted. I've just gained 3 points and will gain another 2 on my turn unless he jams me hard. However, his bastions are STILL blocking his charge lane for his jacks to reach my stormclad and they're being jammed by my stormknights as well. He upkeeps escort, gives 1 focus to each jack. His vanquishers activate and shoots at his own bastions, clearing out most of the stormknights but still leaving a few blocking. One of them also moves into the zone to contest. The Bastions move into the zone to contest, making sure to stack themselves so they can't be pushed out this time. The reckoner moves up and shoots the Stormclad and deals a bit more damage to it. I'm still alive and kicking though. He then feats and transfers fire to my units, which feels like a bit of waste but I'm outnumbering him pretty badly right now. 
+I roll for fire and some stormknights die. 1 focus from squire, 2 focus to Stormclad.  I upkeep shield but drop blur. I get an extra shot from Reinholdt. I don't think I can assassinate Feora because she's still out of LOS. So I try the next best thing, I try to win on scenario. Now I need to get rid of 2 bastions and 1 vanquisher so I move up, feat with eCaine and then wreck the vanquisher. Surprisingly. I was expecting it to leave and I would have to finish it with the Stormclad. The stormknights charge the objectives and bastions and deal a fair bit of damage to both targets, which he chooses to spread over the unit. Which is a trap as it turns out. Stormclad moves up and beats the bastions in the zone normally, dealing enough damage to kill both of them. Due to the earlier damage they were transferred, this will kill them AND other people they transfer to as well. I end my turn and gain 2 more points, winning with 5CP

Thoughts on game
So...eCaine with a Scenario victory...I think this is the first time I've done it. Overall, my opponent blocked his own lanes of movement with his bastions because they're pretty slow and aren't really meant as a first wave unit IMO. He was also a bit too complacent, allowing me to get 3 points on the second turn, which basically meant he was really struggling to come back. Although, he could have tried to assassinate me with his reckoner or hope I somehow get set on fire. It just would have been a long shot because def 22.