Sunday, 22 September 2013

Korra S2

So the new season of Korra is out and I managed to catch it on the web. Damn thing probably won’t come to Singapore till 2 years later.

So what are my reactions to the new season? Well, Tenzin is still amusing as usual, as are his interactions with his family. Mako is now a cop, which is okay although you don’t really see him being one for very long. Bolin is still being himself and still a pro-bender, although with much suckier teammates. Asami is trying rebuild her family business although that’s much harder since her father was pretty much a huge PR disaster for the company.
Also, we’re introduced to more of Korra’s family. We’ve seen her parents back in S1 but this time we’re introduced to her uncle and her cousins as well.
A few things to note. Korra’s uncle is SO obviously bad news. He might not be a totally evil psychopath but he’s obviously up to no good. He’s probably some well-meaning extremist who’s also evil. You know what they say about the path to hell being paved with good intentions after all.

I have great plans for you...
Let’s just look at him from a story-telling POV. He’s the 2nd son of the last Northern Water Tribe chief, who became the 1st in line after his older brother; Korra’s father, got banished because he was supposedly responsible for unleashing angry spirits and only the uncle was able to contain them. And then decades later, when he meets Korra, they’re attacked by rampaging spirits whom; guess what, only the uncle is able to contain again.

Sounds suspicious doesn’t it? Not to mention the guy constantly speaks in evil prose, saying stuff like “Let’s lead the southern water tribe in the correct direction” and stuff like “I have great plans for you” to Korra. Not hopes, plans. How on earth Korra buys his BS, I have no idea. You’d think she would have gotten wiser after the incident with that waterbending councillor in the first season. Guy’s shifty as hell.

Also, for some reason Korra’s been acting a bit more annoying than she did in S1. It’s probably all the angst she’s exuding but she seemed a lot more mature in S1 and less angsty. You would think she would have a much better relationship with Tenzin considering they basically went through some life or death situations back in S1, which was only six months ago but she seems to dismiss him pretty easily.
There’s also the fact that she doesn’t even say anything when her uncle brings in all his ARMED troops to ‘look after’ the Southern water tribe. Seriously, wtf? How is this NOT raising red flags in her mind??? The guy’s such a blatant Firelord Ozai-wannabe at times that it’s amazing NO ONE calls him out on it.

Also, there’s a shitload of character-assassination in S2. Korra goes on to say stuff about how everyone in the southern tribe hates her when she’s trying to help them. Maybe it’s because you’re LETTING the Northern tribe invade them and doing nothing to protest against it? And what’s with this whole ‘The water tribes are both part of the same tribe’ BS that she keeps spouting? Keep in mind that in the time of ATLA, the water tribes were ALREADY separate, and this was 70ish years ago. And there was an indication that they had already been separated before that. No offense, but shit, that’s a fucking long time ago, long enough for them to have been considered different countries.

Not to mention that the Korra-gang basically stood up to authority in S1 when they were being jackasses or illegally arresting people. In this new season, they’ve pretty much…done nothing. Seriously, why is no one in the gang speaking up on this?

This will probably end up tying into the theme of Korra trying to be the perfect avatar, without realising the avatar is a person as well. In trying too hard to be the perfect avatar, she ends up ignoring her own sense of right and wrong; which obviously would have told her Uncle to shove it and then proceed to shove him through an iceberg. As people say, justice without mercy is tyranny.