Friday, 1 November 2013

eFeora vs eKrueger

Stormwall...I hate it so much...

Errants with UA
Covenant of Menoth
Rhupert Carvolo
Min. Choir
Vassal of Menoth


Nyss hunters
Shifting stones with UA
Lord of the Feast
Druid Stoneward and wold stalkers
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove

This game really ends up being a comedy of errors. From one thing to another. So anyway, I know my opponent is either playing eMorv or eKrueger. He probably knows what I'm playing because it hasn't exactly been secret. If he brings eMorv, I'll probably be happy because I don't have that many living models and my fire will just kill everything. If he brings eKrueger however...I'll have an uphill battle on my hands. He brings eKrueger. He deploys first and we play scenario #2. This is the critical game as so far, I've been undefeated in the league while the opponent I'm playing has only suffered one defeat and has been pretty much owning people with eMorv really. If I lose, I'll be tied with about 3 other people. If I win, I'll be the only one without a loss so far. Game on.

Turn 1
-Ghetorix moves up to the left, towards my objective. Nyss run up the left flank. eKrueger moves up and casts stormwall. Gallows grove 1 goes up the right flank. Gallows grove 2 goes up the left flank. Lord of the feast runs up the zone and hides behind a wall. The woldstalkers stalk up the right flank. 
+1 focus to devout. My errants run up the right flank, spacing out so that at most 3 of them can get hit by the LotFs thresher. Rhupert gives them tough while the book moves up and says no KD. Feora casts escort and moves up the center. Devout runs up the center. Judicator moves up and lobs a few fireballs at the nyss but miss horribly. Also, damn stormwall means he gets to choose my deviations. I do roll a 1 on distance and kill a nyss though.

Turn 2
-Krueger moves up and casts stormwall again. Ghetorix shuffles about around the zone, not wanting to be too near the Judicator either. The nyss move up and shoot at the errants but I make some tough rolls. The woldstalkers move up and shoot at my errants as well, and my tough rolls are on fire. I make all the tough rolls from the wold stalkers. The Lord of the feast charges into the errants, threshers and kills 1 while the other two make their tough rolls and one self-sacs. He uses the corpse token to buy another attack, kills the middle one and then buys another attack to try and kill the last one nearby but I tough it out. End result of his onslaught? 3 errants died. Woldwyrd moves up behind the wall. 
+I give 2 focus to the devout and upkeep escort. Judicator moves up behind a wall and sprays the Nyss but misses. I want to spray Krueger but he's just out of range. Feora moves up behind the Judicator. Vassal gives the Devout enliven. The devout charges the objective and kills it with the 2 focus on it. The errants charge the wold stalkers and kill them. I have 1 CP.

Turn 3
-Krueger feats, pushes back Fiona and a few errants. He also casts stormwall and TKs Ghetorix to move him out of the wall and rough terrain. The nyss charge my Judicator and deal some damage to it but only 2 of them can reach it so it's not enough. Ghetorix walks over and beats up the judicator and after buying all its attacks, is still short of enough damage to kill it. The woldwyrd finally shoots the judicator to death. It was just that low on health.
+Well, there goes 18 points. I drop escort and give nothing to the devout. My Choir move up to engage the Nyss and sings battle on the devout . The book runs into the zone. My errants kill off the woldstalkers and damage the woldwyrd. My devout walks up and beats the gallows grove and stoneward to death.  Feora runs away from Ghetorix. Rhupert gives the errants tough. The vassal runs off towards the devout. 

Turn 4
-This is where things start to go wrong for him. He tries to kill the book with his Nyss and miss with quite a few shots while the other Nyss are engaged with some choir. That leaves the Book with 3 hp left. Krueger moves up, casts stormwall and tries to shoot the book but misses with a boosted attack roll. At which point he just stops shooting the back and shoots the objective, killing it and gaining 1 point. Ghetorix has to come up and kill the book himself. The woldwyrd shoots the errants but bounces off the armor. He gains 4 CP at the end of this and needs 1 more to win. 
+Devout gets 3 focus. Errants charge the Woldwyrd and damage it slightly while the rest run to block position in the zone. Feora runs upwards. Vassal gives the Devout enliven. Choir sings battle on the Devout. Devout finishes the woldwyrd while killing off the Shifting stones UA as well. I'm now contesting the zone. Rhupert gives the errants tough. 

Turn 5
-Shifting stones are now out of formation but their leader can still teleport. It moves right next to a cluster of errants. Krueger walks up towards his own deployment zone while still keeping in the zone and shoots a lightning AOE targeting his own stone. It hits and kills 1 of them. He then shoots lightning at the other two and then TKs Ghetorix. Ghetorix walks over to the Devout and hits it. He doesn't charge, just walks over. I take the damage and then proc enliven. I also forget about the fact that I get to take a whack at anyone who comes into range of the devout, which would have been a useful ability to REMEMBER. The devout walks over to Krueger. The look on my opponents face is priceless. His Nyss are too far to do anything and he just ends his turn. Krueger is dry on fury and alone.
+This is where things go very badly for me as well. I keep 6 focus on myself. The choir sings battle on the Devout. The devout walks over and beats Krueger. I hit and roll....1,1 for flat damage. Wth man. Feora walks over, because I'm not sure my charge lane isn't blocked by the shifting stone. I hit Krueger and roll 2,2....on dice minus 1. I fail the next attack with a BOOSTED attack roll and only need 8s to hit. I hit with the last one and boost the damage. I need 12 to kill him and roll 11. Ugh, he's left with 1 hp. Rhupert and the remaining errant run in to block Ghetorix. The vassal tries to enliven the Devout but is out of range.
Turn 6
-Well, he tries to draw fury until I reminded him he has no fury. He ended the turn before he riled Ghetorix and Ghetorix didn't charge either. He can't cut himself because he's only at 1hp also. He tries to get Ghetorix to walk over to Feora but by the time he walks around the errants/Rhupert, he's too far to reach Feora by about 0.5". And he's just blocked his Nyss as well from reaching her; not that many of them could have. Krueger now has a dilemma. If he stays there, he takes continuous fire for ending next to Feora and fire never goes out near Feora which means he will die. If he goes away, he takes 2 free strikes from both the devout and Feora. One way lies certain death, the other way lies...less certain death? He chooses to fly away. Feora hits him in the back and kills him. 

Thoughts on game
This was basically a very bad match-up for me and a pretty bad game for him. I was fully expecting to lose this once the Judicator was gone and was FULLY expecting to kill him once he was dry and next to Feora. Unfortunately, we both flubbed our game-winning turns though his was probably a bit worse than mine since mine really really just came down to the dice hating me.