Friday, 8 November 2013

eFeora vs Maelok

The cup continues


Vassal of Menoth
Min. Choir
Covenant of Menoth
Errants with UA
Rhupert Carvolo

-Swamp Horror
-Bull Snapper

Gatormen Posse
Gatormen Posse
Witch Doctor

So he's using a theme force with tier benefits that grant him Incorporeal on his first turn and cheaper pointage on gatormen posse I think. We roll for deployment and I end up going 2nd. We play Scenario #7.

Turn 1
-One unit of Gatormen run towards the right zone, the other runs towards the left zone. Maelok casts Deathpact on the right zone unit while he moves up the center. His warbeasts follow closely behind. Witch doctor goes towards the right zone, camping behind a wall. 
+Well, his turn of being incorporeal is over. Feora gives 1 focus to Devout. She moves up and casts Escort. Errants run towards the right zone. Rhupert gives them tough and the book follows up and says no KD. Choir sings battle on the jacks. The judicator walks up the center and lays down some fire. literally, catching the gatormen in it. Vassal anc-attacks the Judicator, laying down more fire onto the gatormen. Devout runs up towards the left zone. 

Turn 2
-Fire burns most of the gatormen except 1, which goes out. He upkeeps deathpact. The Gatormen on the right continue on towards the right zone while the ones on the left continue on towards the left. The wrastler goes towards the left zone and hides behind a forest so I can't see him. The swamp horror follows along, as does the bull snapper. 
+I upkeep escort. I give 1 focus to the Devout. Choir sings battle. Judicator walks up to the right zone and shoots/sprays several gators to death. The Errants charge the gatormen and kill some but they're insanely hard to crack with pow 9 weaponmasters. Enliven goes onto the Devout. Devout walks up and kills a Gatorman in the left zone. Feora feats and camps on 6 focus. Rhupert gives the errants tough and the book says no KD.

Turn 3
-He drops deathpact. He casts Revive 2x to bring back 2 gatormen on the left zone. The gatormen on the right charge the errants and kill a few of them. I make very few tough rolls. The gatormen on the left charge Feora and the devout. The Devout enlivens away while Feora takes very little damage while camping on focus. The wrastler moves into the left zone, followed by the other warbeasts.
+I upkeep escort and give 1 focus to the Judicator. The errants continue beating the Gatormen but they are insanely hard to kill. Doesn't help I miss 3x in a row with them. Seriously, 5s to hit def12....Choir sings battle. Anyway, Judicator ends up having to walk over and kill the gatormen, killing off the witch doctor as well. I score 1 CP for controlling that zone. Rhupert gives them tough and fearless.  Book says no KD. Feora firesteps away and walks off. I'm expecting fire to kill off the gatormen. Devout walks up and kills one of them.

Turn 4
-He does not die to fire... Anyway, Maelok walks up and revives 2 more times. Then he feats. He charges the devout and deals damage to it, letting me enliven away towards his revived gatormen. Unfortunately, I forget the devout doesn't have a magical weapon and thus can't harm the gatormen when they walk away. The revived gatormen charge Feora and his dice literally explode, with the first one rolling 6,5,5 on charge damage. Needless to say, Feora dies. 

Thoughts on game
Well, there goes the winning streak. Things I would have done differently? Probably give the devout 2 focus, have him go and kill the revived gatormen instead of waiting for fire to kill them, then I could run away instead of walking. Also, I need to start casting ignite on the errants. Being pow9 is really really horrible when you're fighting possible armor 20 gatormen with deathpact on and my biggest issue was being able to clear that zone because I was being out-attritioned by the gatormen due to the fact I couldn't kill one of them in a 1v1 while each one could probably kill 2 of me.