Friday, 29 November 2013

eFeora vs Karchev

It's going to be hard to kill a natural armor 19 warcaster with fire...


Errants with UA
Min. Choir
Covenant of Menoth
Rhupert of Menoth


Greylord Ternions

Karchev, one of the very first casters I used. I remember the good old powerslide-tow combo, which wasn't that easy to pull off. I end up going first and we end up playing the old SR staple, the 3 flags scenario. That's Scenario #5; Incursion.

Turn 1
-Feora gives the devout 1 focus. She casts Escort and walks up. Judicator and Devout run up the center. Vassal gives the Judicator anc. attack but the rocket pods miss everything. Rhupert gives the Errants tough. They run up the left flank. Book runs up as well since I'm trying to cover max distance. Choir says the jacks can't be shot by normal ranged weapons. Mostly cause boosted Behemoth shots still hurt. 
-He deployed Karchev near the center. He casts Tow and drags Behemoth and Demolisher up with him up the center. Behemoth shoots an errant but I make its tough roll. However, due to the fact the book didn't cast no KD, it's knocked down. Widowmakers advance up the right flank. Greylords pop smoke on Karchev and the other 2 jacks. Also, as predicted, centre flag disappears. 

Turn 2
-Errants advance and shoot at the warjacks. not that it's going to do much use since they're not getting through armor 21. Rhupert gives them tough. Book says no KD. Choir says no shooting on the warjacks. Vassal gives the devout enlivena and I move it up to bait the warjacks into going for it. Judicator moves to the left and shoots at the warjacks, hoping to set them on fire. I kill Sylyss though with fire. 

+He decides to ignore the Devout and go for the Judicator instead. 3 focus to Behemoth and 1 to Spriggan. He upkeeps tow. Karhev walks over and pops Behemoth and Spriggan near Judicator. Behemoth goes into Judicator and spends all 3 focus on it. Nope, still alive. Spriggan goes into Judicator and hits it. Still alive. Doesn't hurt that he actually rolled double 1s for one of Behemoths attacks. Now Karchev is vulnerable. 

Turn 3
-I upkeep Escort. 3 focus to Judicator and 1 for his reliquary. Choir sings battle. Judicator kills the Behemoth, spending 5 attacks to do it. And then hurts the Spriggan but does not down any system at all.Vassal anc. attacks the Judicator to attack the Spriggan. Feora walks over and casts Ignite on the Errants. Devout tries to kill the wardog but fails.  They charge Karchev and one runs to block the Demolisher and Spriggan. Karchev takes a lot of damage due in part to my dice suddenly exploding. Rhupert gives the errants tough. Book says no KD.
+2 focus to Spriggan. 1 to Demolisher.  Karchev drops tow. The spriggan kills off the Judicator who was low on health anyway. Karchev can't move away due to the Devout. He tries to kill the devout but fails to and decides to camp some focus. Demolisher walks up and hits some Errants who pass their tough check. Greylords try to spray the errants but then remember 'spellward'. So the end up having to target their own guys instead but they also kill some errants. His widowmakers control the flag and score 1 point. They end up pinging some errants to death. 

Turn 4
-I upkeep ignite and give 3 focus to the Devout. The spriggans in my face so I need to deal with it or die. Errants charge Karchev and Spriggan while those that were in contact continue attacking Karchev. I deal more damage to Karchev while I mostly bounce off the Spriggan. Grr. However, Devout walks up, boosts the attack and damage roll on Karchev and kills him.

Thoughts on game
Well, ignite is definitely the way to go on the Errants. Not only do they tarpit now, but at P+S 11, they actually manage to do some damage to armor. Although I really should use my errants more often to tarpit people from getting into my Judicator instead of just using them to go for points.